95. Goodbye to the Asparagus Festival - June 16, 2014

Last week, the Board of Directors for the Stockton Asparagus Festival issued a press release announcing that the 2014 festival, the 29th, was it's final festival. Matt, Susan, Rod, and Greg sat down to talk about what might have happened, and the memories they will cherish. They also had the chance to hear from Podcast Stockton listeners as well as interview Doug Wilhoit and Wes Rhea.

So Long Old Friend

The signature dish, deep-fried asparagus

The signature dish, deep-fried asparagus

It really is hard to believe that after 29 years our signature event is no-more. The Asparagus Festival has meant so much to each of us at Podcast Stockton. When the news broke about its end, we wanted to capture our thoughts, and the thoughts of some of our listeners.

We couldn't contain all of the Asparagus Festival talk into just one episode, so we cut it down to two episodes of around 50 minutes each. We are honored to have you join us for this very special episode. You can listen to both episodes below, from iTunes, or Stitcher.

In the first part, Jennifer Boylan opens up with her thoughts. Later, we hear from Chris Kay. Rod had the chance to ask a couple of Stockton residents, Barbara and Roger, their thoughts on the festival. We also heard from Bill Loyko, Eric Johnston, Jenny Klooster, Melissa Wyman, and Don Maszewski.

In the second part, Greg talks with Doug Wilhoit, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Chamber of Commerce and Asparagus Festival board member. Matt sits down with Wes Rhea, Chief Executive Officer of Visit Stockton and Asparagus Festival board member. Lastly, we hear from Tim Nunes.

Here are some pictures of some of the last few years - 2008, 2009, 2010, 20112011 eating competition.

On behalf of the Podcast Stockton team, both past and present, thank you to Kate Post, Wes Rhea, and the rest of the Board of Directors of the Stockton Asparagus Festival. It is our mission to highlight the great life in Stockton, and for 29 wonderful years, you did just that. We are also very thankful for the support you gave to us since our humble beginning in 2009. When we asked for tickets to give away to listeners, you responded. Every time we asked for interviews, or press access, you granted it with a smile. We did our best to highlight the amazing work you and the hundreds of volunteers do every year and we are truly grateful for the opportunity you gave to us to cover the festival. Stockton is a better place because of each of you that made the Asparagus Festival happen. We have no doubt that our city is better for you and for it, and Stockton will shine even in its absence, even though, for now, as we mourn. Thank you.

To our listeners, what will you miss most about the Asparagus Festival?