97. Reggie "Thuggdork" Galindo - July 14, 2014

In this episode, Greg and Matt sit down with local comedian and comedy show promoter, Reggie "Thuggdork" Galindo.

"I can do this"

Reggie "Thuggdork" Galindo

Reggie "Thuggdork" Galindo

Before getting on stage for the first time in San Jose in 1997, Reggie saw a comedian perform at a festival "I can do this". 

Even after doing shows locally and out on the road, Reggie doesn't consider himself a comedian. He enjoys doing comedy but doesn't necessarily identify with the title. As an addict in recovery, Reggie tells some personal stories of what his road has been like. 

After some time performing comedy, Reggie started promoting shows and found that he could successfully bring in the crowds to see other comedians as well.

Thuggdork is hosting Comedy BASH 2 at Empire Theatre next Friday, July 25. 

There are still tickets left, but get yours now before they are all sold out. 

Call to get your tickets.

96. Tim Viall - June 30, 2014

In this week's episode, Matt interviews Tim Viall. After moving to Stockton 23 years ago to work for the Record, Tim went on to work for the Chamber of Commerce, was the first Executive Director of the Downtown Stockton Alliance, and after 10 years, recently retired as the Executive Director of the Emergency Food Bank.

Busy In Retirement

Tim Viall

Tim Viall

Tim has remained busy in the community, serving as a board member for the Friends of the Fox Classic Movie Series and San Joaquin Bike Coalition. Tim has also completed the University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program

Last year, Tim started a travel blog, Little Places I Know, where he writes about his trips throughout the country. His travel blog is now featured as a Record Community Blog. Tim has also written several pieces that have appeared in the travel section of the Record's Sunday newspaper (his recent article about Redding).

Tim can be reached by e-mail at tviall@msn.com.

Stockton on another list

Stockton is no stranger to lists of all kinds. In fact, Podcast Stockton started, more than 5 years ago, as a response to our city being named to a list that I won't bother naming. Throughout the years, Stockton has appeared on many different lists, most of which are probably just designed to get website views for the companies making the lists. Last week, there was a lot of buzz about Stockton being named home to the country's hottest women

95. Goodbye to the Asparagus Festival - June 16, 2014

Last week, the Board of Directors for the Stockton Asparagus Festival issued a press release announcing that the 2014 festival, the 29th, was it's final festival. Matt, Susan, Rod, and Greg sat down to talk about what might have happened, and the memories they will cherish. They also had the chance to hear from Podcast Stockton listeners as well as interview Doug Wilhoit and Wes Rhea.

So Long Old Friend

The signature dish, deep-fried asparagus

The signature dish, deep-fried asparagus

It really is hard to believe that after 29 years our signature event is no-more. The Asparagus Festival has meant so much to each of us at Podcast Stockton. When the news broke about its end, we wanted to capture our thoughts, and the thoughts of some of our listeners.

We couldn't contain all of the Asparagus Festival talk into just one episode, so we cut it down to two episodes of around 50 minutes each. We are honored to have you join us for this very special episode. You can listen to both episodes below, from iTunes, or Stitcher.

In the first part, Jennifer Boylan opens up with her thoughts. Later, we hear from Chris Kay. Rod had the chance to ask a couple of Stockton residents, Barbara and Roger, their thoughts on the festival. We also heard from Bill Loyko, Eric Johnston, Jenny Klooster, Melissa Wyman, and Don Maszewski.

In the second part, Greg talks with Doug Wilhoit, Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Chamber of Commerce and Asparagus Festival board member. Matt sits down with Wes Rhea, Chief Executive Officer of Visit Stockton and Asparagus Festival board member. Lastly, we hear from Tim Nunes.

Here are some pictures of some of the last few years - 2008, 2009, 2010, 20112011 eating competition.

On behalf of the Podcast Stockton team, both past and present, thank you to Kate Post, Wes Rhea, and the rest of the Board of Directors of the Stockton Asparagus Festival. It is our mission to highlight the great life in Stockton, and for 29 wonderful years, you did just that. We are also very thankful for the support you gave to us since our humble beginning in 2009. When we asked for tickets to give away to listeners, you responded. Every time we asked for interviews, or press access, you granted it with a smile. We did our best to highlight the amazing work you and the hundreds of volunteers do every year and we are truly grateful for the opportunity you gave to us to cover the festival. Stockton is a better place because of each of you that made the Asparagus Festival happen. We have no doubt that our city is better for you and for it, and Stockton will shine even in its absence, even though, for now, as we mourn. Thank you.

To our listeners, what will you miss most about the Asparagus Festival?

94. Michael Klooster - June 9, 2014

In this week's episode, Matt and Greg are joined in studio by musician Michael Klooster.

Still Very Stockton

Michael Klooster

Michael Klooster

While many people will recognize him as the keyboardist with Smash Mouth, in Stockton, Michael Klooster is much more. Although he and his wife, also a  Stockton native, and their two sons recently moved to southern California, he has maintained deep ties to the Stockton music scene. Michael has worked with many local bands including Snap Jackson and the Knock On Wood Players, and The Mundaze. He is in town working as a guest producer at a University of the Pacific summer program. 

He is also in town to perform.

Next week, his solo project, Klooster, is playing at The Whisky Barrel along with The Mundaze and Letter Blue. The show is on Tuesday, June 17 at 8 PM.

This summer, he and the rest of Smash Mouth will be joining Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray, and Blues Traveler on the Under The Sun Tour.

Michael brought his left-handed baritone ukulele and was joined by Klooster guitarist Stanley Raquel on "Give Them A Show" and "I'll Move On". 

Number 8 Most Boring City?

Downtown Stockton, photo taken July 31, 2010 

Downtown Stockton, photo taken July 31, 2010 

My friend Wes, the CEO of Visit Stockton, was the first to text me to tell me that my picture had been used in a post entitled “The 10 Most Boring Cities in America”. He wasn’t the only one though. My partners on Podcast Stockton as well as a few other friends also brought it to my attention. I wish I had time to write a response right away, but I didn’t. My wife and I were too busy rushing home from work in time to get ready to go out and celebrate the wonderful work that Puentes is doing with the Boggs Tract Community Farm. We celebrated Puentes, a local non-profit dedicated to spreading the knowledge and the development of sustainable technology through beyond-organic farming, by enjoying a wonderful meal and beer pairing (side note: High Water Brewing is pretty amazing), listening to some wonderful music by Horatio Monroe, catching up with great friends and meeting some great new friends at the Mile Wine Company on the Miracle Mile. 

What is really unfortunate is that we really wanted to attend the event at the beautiful Haggin Museum, which they hold every first and third Thursday of the month. Tonight was the Tamara Phelan Trio, a wonderful music group. Sadly, we missed that event in favor of the fundraising event supporting Puentes.  

After a long, fun night, we headed home. I was too tired to write and wondered, with all the goings on in Stockton, will there ever be time to write? 

When News 10, a station whose morning news program I have watched for most of my adult life, included my picture in the story, I was upset. Especially since the original article used a completely different picture. But now, I am tired of being defensive. I have no time to be defensive. There’s too much to do to get angry about some real estate blog saying we have a boring city. But to have News 10 use my photo? Ouch. I love this city and have dedicated so much to help show it in a positive light. 

Well, there’s a Stockton Ports game tomorrow so I better get this post written before I go to bed, otherwise there’ll never be time. And the weekend? Seriously? No way I’ll get time to write then. With the free bike ride sponsored by the San Joaquin Bike Coalition, practice with our local blind baseball team, the California Rays, and Astronomy in the Park on Saturday, it’s too bad I won’t have much time to write. Oh man, the Delta Nights Blues Band is playing at Whirlow’s on Saturday night. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Well, at least we have a couple of weeks before the classic movies at the Fox start up again. What’s that? You’ve never heard of the Friends Of The Fox's Classic Movie Series? I am bummed that we can’t make it to the Maya Angelou celebration this weekend at the library that bears her name. 

Besides the ever expanding live music calendar and great restaurants and bars, my wife and I are lucky to have to have very dear friends in this community and we always seem to fill up our calendars with activities with them. By the way, have you seen Wendi Maxwell and Tres Hot Jazz perform? Seriously, they are hot!

A couple of nights ago, I took my grand daughter and her auntie, the youngest daughter of my wife and I, to the first Concert in the Park of the season. Of course, like we always do, we had an incredibly fun time. Same old story: we saw some great friends and enjoyed meeting new ones. Just another summer Wednesday night in Stockton. 

Of course, I could have opted to go to Finnegan’s, or any of the other great bars in town filled with lots of great people, albeit not with the kids. But, as always, there are too many things to do at any given time. What I can always go for is a savory crepe at Midtown Creperie, but again, too many things to do, not enough time. 

The team at Visit Stockton maintain the single best events calendar for Stockton. I know, because once, my compadres on the Podcast Stockton team tried to do everything on the calendar in one weekend. We failed. Miserably. Literally. By late-afternoon on that Saturday we threw in the towel. We just couldn’t do it. Clearly we are one of the most boring cities in America. By the way, wasn’t someone working on a sarcasm punctuation mark? 

Look, we know we are a city that has bore the brunt of national news media punches about our property values (by the way, did you see this?), crime, foreclosures, and our course, the big one: the bankruptcy. But does that mean we aren't a vibrant city full of people that love it here and love to have a good time? Not on your life. 

Clearly, the writers of this meaningless list never subscribed to the Visit Stockton Weekend Activities Guide. And I am not even going to suggest that they do. Screw these lists. We’ve been on enough of them. We know who we are and what we have. Like Red’s Coffee, the best coffee shop in town, we know that. We are tired of being the punching bag for list-makers who are only interested in getting clicks and impressions.

And don’t get me going on our wonderful parks and the delta! The delta. You know, the greatest waterway in Northern California. 

What I do want is for the fine folks at News 10 to kindly remove my photograph from their post. I do not want my name and photograph associated with such a post. I understand that my Flickr settings are such that allow them to use my photo in a noncommercial manner with accreditation. They have credited me by listing my name, but since they have advertisements on their page I consider it commercial. Not to mention, using my picture to speak negatively of my city, where I choose to live and raise my family, especially since it was not taken in that spirit, is hurtful. Send a camera down here and capture your own picture. (Update: Ian Hill, Executive Producer of Digital & Social for News 10 sent me a message within a couple of hours of this post letting me know he had replaced the image.)

(But seriously, Dan, Keba, Jeff, Chris, Melissa, Rob… big fan here! And Walt, you too!)

Gotta go. Too much to do. And by the way, I’ve been to Plano (number 6 on that same list). Years ago it reminded me of the Ontario, California of Northern Texas. Not too bad. The trick is dining where the die-hard locals eat. There’s nothing wrong with Saltgrass Steak House, but it doesn’t define that city anymore than Applebee’s defines ours. 

Gotta go…  

See you around town!

93. Marquis Harris - June 2, 2014

This week, Matt and Rod sit down with Marquis Harris from Marquis Entertainment. 


Marquis Harris

Marquis Harris

Starting his entertainment career organizing and hosting shows in Tracy, Marquis soon found himself performing in bands, hosting fashion shows and emceeing events throughout the area.

A love for basketball brought Marquis to the University of Montana Western on a full-ride scholarship. After college, Marquis returned to Tracy and shortly thereafter, Stockton, where he has made his home ever since.

Since 1989, Marquis has been building a very successful DJ and entertainment business. He and his team have performed at countless weddings and corporate events, as well as regularly hosting karaoke at local bars. 

For more information on Marquis Entertainment, call him at 209-951-1982, visit marquisentdjs.com, or find him on Facebook. Learn the steps to Superman Glide by watching this video, or text "supermanglide" to 55469.

92. Officer Joe Silva - May 26, 2014

This week, Matt and Greg sit down with Officer Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Department.

Stockton Native, Career Police Officer

Officer Joe Silva

Officer Joe Silva

A career law enforcement professional, Silva grew up in Stockton, attended Stockton schools, including Lincoln High School and Delta College before graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Criminal Justice. Officer Silva started with the Stockton Police Department in 1996 and worked as an officer and homicide detective before being named the department's Public Information Officer where he is the department's liaison to media outlets. In this role, Officer Silva also oversees the social media sites for the Stockton Police Department.

As the Public Information Officer, Silva is typically the voice and face of the Stockton Police Department in local media. On Valentine's Day, however, he became part of the news. Officer Silva was off-duty and dining in a local restaurant when an argument broke out in the bar. Officer Silva moved toward the commotion and saw a man wielding a gun. He held the suspect at gun point until other officers arrived. 

Keep up with the Stockton Police Department, submit a tip, or learn more about career opportunities by visiting stocktongov.com/police. Also, follow the Stockton Police Department on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and YouTube. The department now has a smartphone app for iPhone and Android.

91. The State of Stockton - May 19, 2014

This week on Podcast Stockton, we ask listeners for their opinion on the state of our city.  

On Thursday, the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce hosts the 16th annual State of the City. This year's speakers will include our Mayor Anthony Silva, Police Chief Eric Jones, City Manager Kurt Wilson, and Port Commission Chairman Victor Mow. 

There will surely be a lot of coverage during and after the event. 

Leading up to that, we asked our listeners to send in their own submissions answering the question, "What is the state of Stockton from your perspective?". We received a lot of great responses.

On today's show we hear from:

  • Levi Wells, local photographer (mrmrsphotography.com)
  • Benjamin Saffold, tireless community volunteer and advocate (gcrms.org)
  • Afex209, local artist 
  • Ryan Camero, Arts and environmental education advocate, and SJDC student body government member
  • Sofia Colón, Stocktonian
  • Tom Mondragon, local musician
  • David Garcia, blogger (stocktoncitylimits.com)

We appreciate everyone that contributed to today's show. We are sure your comments will resonate with many Stockton residents. We all love our city and are proud call Stockton home and we are honored to share this city with each of you.

The State of the City - May 22, 2014

Register to vote and get details about the June 3 primary election

Boards & Commissions Openings

90. Michael Brooking - May 5, 2014

This week, Matt talks with Michael Brooking, local photographer and proprietor of Red's, the downtown Stockton coffee shop.

Michael Brooking

Michael Brooking

Michael Brooking

A lifelong Stockton resident, Mike got bit by the photography bug at an early age and has been shooting pictures ever since. You can view many of his photographs on Flickr and his website.

Mike is also the proprietor of Red's, the coffee shop in downtown Stockton. Located at 13 South San Joaquin, Mike serves the downtown crowd mornings, Monday through Friday. 

More links from this week's episode:


The Bookstore - a set on Flickr

89. Miguel Guillen - @stocktonca on Instagram - April 21, 2014

In this week's episode Matt and Rod talk with Miguel Guillen, the creator of the @stocktonca Instagram account. 

They also talk about this weekend's Asparagus Festival and the return of Johnny Milford to the airwaves!

Miguel Guillen

In 2012, Miguel started an Instagram account as @stocktonca. He posted one picture and then ignored it for a while. What he didn't realize then was that he was starting to build a community on Instagram, the social media app and website where users share photos and short videos.

The @stocktonca account on Instagram has over 12,000 followers and features photos with the hashtags #stocktonca and #IGersStockton.

Miguel recently helped organize Stockton's second Instameet, where Instagram users got together at the Stockton Arena

Join the community at instagram.com/stocktonca


Asparagus Festival 2014

This weekend marks the return of the Asparagus Festival. Matt and Rod talk about the upcoming Asparagus Festival. For more information about the Asparagus Festival, visit asparagusfest.com.


Johnny Milford is Back!!!

Last September, Matt and Susan sat down with local radio and voice over legend, Johnny Milford for episode 71

Well, we are so excited because last week Johnny returned to the airwaves as Johnny Stockton on Stockton's new country radio station 105.9 The Bull. Listen to him weekday afternoons 2 PM - 7 PM on 105.9 FM.  Visit 1059thebull.com and find them on Facebook.com/stocktoncountry and Twitter @stocktoncountry.