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My home on the web since 1998. And I think that year was the last time anyone said "home on the web". I started writing a blog long before I knew it was called a blog and have used this site as a place to record my thoughts on raising a family, working, technology and other random things that have had my attention.




High Demand, Low Supply is a career and job-search blog written by me and my wife, Dawn Beckwith. 

There are jobs out there. And there are job-seekers out there. If you are a job-seeker, you want to be in high demand and low supply. Many years ago, I was watching a Mark Victor Hansen presentation titled, 38 Proven Ways to Close that Sale. He referred to those that mastered their trade as being in "rarefied air, being in high demand, low supply". Having a fascination with economics, this phrase stuck with me.



From 2009 to 2016, I had the honor of joining some great people in sharing the stories of my hometown, Stockton, California on Podcast Stockton, the show all about the great life in Stockton. In over 100 episodes, we discussed events and positive stories about Stockton and interviewed people that helped make our city great.