66. Cafe Coop - July 29, 2013

What is Podcast Stockton?

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Café Coop Brings Innovation and Collaboration Downtown

Esperanza Vielma

Esperanza Vielma

We talk with Esperanza Vielma, founder and Executive Director of Café Coop.

With memberships starting at $25, Café Coop offers a collaborative workspace that is high on energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.  

They are located at 235 N. San Joaquin Street and can be reached at info@cafecoop.org. Visit cafecoop.org or facebook.com/cafecoop for more information and to find out about upcoming events.


Let's Talk Stockton Event

On July 17, Square and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey led a discussion at Valley Brewing Company about starting and growing business in Stockton. Short presentation followed by Q&A.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter @jack

Jack Dorsey, Twitter @jack

We also had a chance to hear from... 

Marianne McCarroll, (Marianne's Pantry, www.mariannespantry.com

Mimi Nguyen, (Miracle Mile Improvement District)

Emily Ritter, (Square.com) 

Click here to watch Square's post event video.

Learn more about Square at squareup.com


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