A Great Job Advertisement!

My very first "job" was Advertising Clerk for Catalyst Personnel. It was my responsibility to read the classified ads in our local paper, the Stockton Record, and cut out the ads taken out by my employer. That was when I picked up the early habit of reading the help wanted ads, and I read them regularly for decades. Reading ads through the years has turned me into quite a critic. Oftentimes, ads lack specifics or have too much fluff. How many times have you read "shift paradigms while creating value-add"?

Well, every so often I read a very well put-together job advertisement.

I recently came across this advertisement for a position with 37signals, the company with web apps such as Basecamp, Backpack and Campfire. Compared to many job postings, there were a few things that caught my eye.

1. There is no job title. Really, they are looking for a teammate, but they didn't post a job title. The headline simply says, "Help us significantly improve conversion and retention."

2. The goal is simple: double sales in the next 12 months. How's that for clear?

3. The posting does not ask interested candidates to send in their resume. They didn't prescribe how you should apply, just that you should send an e-mail telling them why "you're the one". I'm still going to bet that those that focus on actual accomplishments will get more attention.

4. The comments remind me that some people enjoy being negative, even when it comes to a job search. I was shocked at some of the comments. From the nay-sayers proclaiming ... to those that are already asking about authority and, gulp, compensation. Clearly, an intelligent and talented job seeker will laugh at these comments and just apply for the job. All of those are questions they can bring up at a more appropriate time.

Best of luck to 37signals in their search for a new teammate!