Know Your Risks, Don't Settle

Even if you've been without a job for some time, it is generally best not to settle for a job that you may not enjoy. Having said that, there are a couple of questions you should ask yourself when evaluating a job, or when determining what companies to target.

What types of work do I enjoy? To help you answer this, ask yourself these questions and write down the answers: What was I working on the last time I totally lost track of time? What type of work would I still do if I won the lottery?

What do I do really well? Take an inventory of the skills, traits and behaviors that you excel in. In what things do others consider you an expert?

How much does this job pay? Or in general, how much do similar roles in similar companies pay?

Of course, the dream come true is to find a job that you do exceptionally well and enjoy doing it, and it pays well. That is not to say that a job that doesn't pay well can't make you happy for many, many years. This is not merely about not being motivated by money. I have met plenty of people that identify themselves as someone not motivated by money but just knowing they could make more elsewhere eats at them.

If you only get two of them, it doesn't mean you shouldn't take the job, it just means you should be very up-front with yourself and about the risks.