Five Interview Tips

Happy Labor Day! Hopefully you have some interviews lined up this week. If you do, here are five things to do to improve your results. 1. Shake my hand. Even for the ladies, a firm, professional hand shake is customary.

2. Smile. I want to see your personality and no matter the position I am hiring for, being friendly matters.

3. Ask questions.

4. Answer my questions. Don't try to "out-smart" me by half-answering a direct question and then throwing in what you want to say. If you do well enough, you'll have the opportunity to tell me what you want.

5. Ask me for the job. But do so with care. There is a fine line between cocky and confident. Be confident. And if you're sure you've bombed the interview, please skip this one.

Best wishes to you this week in your job search.