The Case For The Resume

We are not in the "post-resume" era. By the way, it's 2012. Where is my jetpack?!?

There is no shortage of bad advice out there. The article, "Are social media making the resume obsolete?", on, does not necessarily give bad advice. But, it can easily lead job seekers down the wrong road.

For the vast majority of jobs out there, you still need a good ol' fashioned resume. A one-page, results oriented, reverse chronological, resume. And to be more specific, a resume written in Microsoft Word.

There certainly are jobs out there for which sending a resume is no longer the norm. And I'm sure, over time, the process of we find work will continue to evolve, just as work itself, yet the resume is still important today.

Even if you don't print and mail your resume, you still need to format your resume for printing. I fully acknowledge that the days of printing and mailing resumes are nearly gone, that doesn't mean that the recipient won't print yours.

Still waiting for my jetpack.