10 Job Fair Tips

The Central Valley Job Fair is coming to Turlock on August 22. The event takes place at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds, 900 North Broadway, from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. You can pre-register for the job fair and find out more information at stantogether.com. A job fair can be a good way to meet hiring managers and recruiters in your community. Here are ten tips to help make your job fair visit productive.

  1. Dress professionally. The best advice is to dress as you would for an interview. Men and women should wear a suit.
  2. Bring more resumes than you think you'll need. Many times, candidates will ask if they can fax it or e-mail their resume later. It's always better to hand someone an actual resume.
  3. Bring a pen and an extra pen. And a notepad to jot down notes.
  4. Bring a small bag, briefcase or purse to keep your resumes nice and un-damaged. You can also stash away all of the little things from the booths - flyers, business cards, pens, mints, notepads and other information. Make sure you have a place to put all of those items so you keep a hand free for handshakes.
  5. Bring all of your application information. You should have all of your reference information with names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and also all your past employment information.
  6. Always introduce yourself with a hand shake. Remember, keep your right hand free.
  7. If employers are not hiring for anything that you are qualified for, ask about other opportunities and who you may contact.
  8. Respect employers' time. Be brief. Stick your hand out and introduce yourself. Ask a few questions. Get your skills and experience across quickly. Look for cues that you have over-stayed your welcome. Job fairs can have a lot of attendees and the booths can be pretty busy. Keep it short. Make an impression, just not by being the one that won't stop talking.
  9. Research the job fair before attending. Find out what employers will be there and do your homework.
  10. Follow up with everyone you met by sending a thank you card or email.

Best of luck to you at the job fair.