Six Phone Interview Tips

A phone interview is an interview. It is not the time to slack off and stay in your pajamas. Here are a six more phone interview tips.


  1. Use a land-line telephone. That's right. An actual land-line. And, for best results, use one that is connected to the wall with a chord. That's right, a land-line. Nowadays, nearly everyone has a mobile phone, but that doesn't improve the audio quality. Don't have a land-line? Ask your friends, family, or neighbors.
  2. Be ready 10 minutes early. The person interviewing you may actually call early. Speaking of that, be sure you have a professional sounding greeting on your voice mail. Your greeting should have your name (so I know I've actually called the correct person) and not have any music in the background.
  3. Reduce distractions. Make accommodations for children, pets, or house guests. Have your resume and notes in front of you and a pen and paper to take notes. Turn off your cell phone and don't sit at a computer unless your phone interview requires it. If it does, close all applications not being used in the interview. And naturally, stay away from e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that might steal your attention. Turn off call waiting (easy to do if you have AT&T).
  4. Know when to interject. Speaking with someone over the phone is very different than doing so face-to-face. One of the most important elements is how you may talk-over the other person. When face-to-face the other person can tell you are going to interject. The body language is universal and we all do it subconsciously. Be careful during your phone interview. Allow the interview
  5. Stand. This may take some practice if you're not used to it but standing can help you stay focused. If you can't stand, sit in a chair where you can maintain a professional posture - no slouching.
  6. Smile and use hand gestures. Interviewers want to see your personality. Gesture and use natural body language as you would in a face-to-face interview. Your interviewer will be able to hear the difference.

Treat your phone interview with the same importance as any interview. If any of these tips are difficult, find a friend to practice with.