Don't Use Your Smart Phone To Take Notes

I love new technology. I love mobile. I love apps. I'm sure you do, too. But most job-search activities are not the time to geek out with your smart phone. It's best that you don't use your phone (at all) while in the presence of interviewers or potential employers. There are two important reasons:

  • Perception - the person you are talking with will have the same physical and emotional reaction as if you were texting. When people see you take out your smart phone and start typing they think you're texting or playing Temple Run. No one thinks, "Wow, this person is being productive!".
  • Distractability - you may, even though your fully-aware mind thinks it's ridculuous, open up Facebook, Twitter, or Angry Birds. Don't tempt yourself.

And you don't want the reputation of being one of "those guys" that always has his face buried in his smart phone.

Carry a note pad and a pen with you. A small pocket notepad will do. If you need to take notes at the end of an interview, or while meeting for coffee with a potential hiring manager, you won't have to pull out your smart phone.