Five Things You Can Do This Week To Improve Your Job Search

Happy Sunday. I hope you're taking some time off today from your job search (well, except for reading this blog). Sometimes, a job search can feel like a lot of waiting around. Waiting for that perfect job lead to land in your lap. Well, to have a more successful job search, you need to take action. So, here are five things you can do this week to improve your job search.

  1. Edit your resume to one page. Some of you can skip this because your resume is already on one page. Many, however, can not. Your resume is a marketing document with only one goal. For 99% of you, that means one-page.
  2. Identify five companies in your target geographical area that you have not already contacted. Prepare a cover-letter and resume for each.
  3. Have coffee (or lunch) with one person. This does not mean have coffee with someone from whom you can get something. Building your professional network isn't something that happens in one day. Start this week.
  4. Schedule coffee or lunch with someone for next week. Get it on the calendar this week. Don't rely on spontaneity. Relationship building is too important to leave to chance.
  5. Join one LinkedIn group and join a discussion that interests you. Search for Groups on LinkedIn that are specific to your industry or your location. If you can't find one that matches your interest, join Linking209 (additionally, our monthly get-together is Monday, 8/27 at Pizza Plus in Ripon).
Success in any endeavor takes planning. So, if you do just one thing today, take 10 minutes and schedule time to complete these things this week.