Daily goals

Looking for a job can be hard work. Having a daily goal can help. Here are three suggested daily goals.

  1. Check your calendar and to-do list. Know when and where you have applied and set your dates out in your calendar to do follow ups with those perspective employers. Whether its an e-mail follow up on a submitted resume or sending a thank you note to someone you met or interviewed with.
  2. Check job search sites such as Monster, Ladders, Careerbuilder and others. Register to get daily alerts of job postings of your interest and area.
  3. Contact one person daily. Reach out to someone you've interviewed with, an old boss or a previous co-worker.  Ask someone to meet for coffee. Ask what you can do to help them.

Set time aside every day to work on your job search. At a minimum, you should spend at least one hour a day focused on your job search, even if it has to be two half-hour sessions each day.  Try to find a quiet place, free from distraction. For best results, schedule the same time every day. Building a good habit will pay off.

Stay positive - It can get very frustrating looking for a job. Stay positive and focused, if you let the search get to you, you will not be as effective as when you have a smile on your face.