The Early Bird

Photo courtesy of Clare Terris

Photo courtesy of Clare Terris

You've undoubtedly heard the saying, "the early bird catches the worm". This is especially true during the job search.

It is best to be first. You want the hiring manager to read your resume first. You want to be interviewed first. Time favors the other candidates.

Here's why.

When you are first, you have the opportunity to paint the picture for the hiring manager. You want them to compare every other candidate to you. You still have to interview well, but use your early status to your advantage. Highlight your specific skills that you would bring to the position.

How do you increase the odds that you'll be the early bird?

The best way is to apply for a job before it's officially an open job. We'll share more on that later.

Use Google Alerts to find out about posted jobs quickly.

Apply for jobs as soon as you see them. That means having an up-to-date resume and always being prepared for an interview.

If you're a veteran, and you're planning on attending next week's job fair sponsored by the California Economic Development Department, San Joaquin County WorkNet and congressman Jerry McNerney, you can start 30 minutes early.