Four Simple Ways To Bomb In An Interview

You have worked hard to get an interview, don't blow it by making these common mistakes.

  1. Use your cell phone. Turn your phone off. Completely off, not just silent. Several years ago, a candidate's phone rang during an interview with me. He answered the phone and had a minute long conversation, which was about as long as the rest of the interview.
  2. Speak negatively about your current or former boss. Hiring managers want someone who can behave professionally. And the interviewer is likely thinking you are hiding something.
  3. Divulge confidential information about your current job. You may think this will get you extra points, but giving up company secrets in an interview can backfire. The interviewer will likely assume you will inappropriately share anything you might learn from her company.
  4. Not answering a direct question. Don't try to outsmart your interviewer. If you are asked a reasonable question, answer it. Don't beat around the bush or try to get something else out before giving your answer. On a side note, if you are asked to "tell me about a time when...", your answer should sound more like a story than an advertisement about how good you are.

Commit one of these mistakes and your interviewer may immediately decide you are not the right candidate.

Avoid them and you can then focus on impressing the interviewer and getting that offer!