Skate To Where The Puck Is Going...

Another one of my favorite quotes comes from hockey legend, Wayne Gretsky.

Skate where the puck's going, not where it's been.

With 20 years in the NHL and over a thousand career regular and post season goals, he is the highest scorer in the history of the league.

What can Gretsky can teach job seekers? The most successful job seekers look at where jobs are going to be. What does that mean exactly?

Don't only do what most job seekers do... only wait for a position to open up. Identify a need within a company and sell your skills and experience. This doesn't mean that you find something you hate about a company and call them up and tell them you can do it better. Do you believe you have the skills or experience that can benefit a company? If so, tell them.

What are the trends in the industry? In the area? There are hints all around you. Read local newspapers, blogs, magazines. Is there a local company announcing an expansion? What are you hearing from your friends and family? Anyone talking about a job change at their company?

Sure, it takes longer to target a company but it can lead to good results. This doesn't mean you can't apply for jobs using a more traditional approach. Mix it up. Spend some time researching and targeting companies where jobs are going to be.

Oh, and speaking of hockey... go Thunder! Opening night is in less than three weeks!