What Replacement Refs Can Remind Us About Answering Questions In An Interview

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes can cost us our job. Many do not. But very few of us ever have the opportunity to perform our job in front of millions of people.

There can be many opportunities to talk about prior mistakes in an interview. Sometimes it comes in the form a question that sounds like, "Tell me about a mistake you've made at work..." Chances are that the interviewers only know what you tell them about these mistakes (unless you were a replacement official in the NFL). Don't try to outsmart them by saying you have made no mistakes. That sounds a lot like saying you have no weaknesses.

Of course you've made a mistake. Own up to it. You'll need to describe what you've done differently since making that mistake. In other words, what you learned. Don't get caught off guard by a question about a prior mistake. Prepare a list of mistakes you've made before your interview.

Thankfully, the official debacle in the NFL is over. It was announced late last night that the replacement refs have called their last game. Tonight, when the Browns take the field against the Ravens, the boys in black and white will be the regular ones. I wonder how long it will be before we realize that even the pro refs make mistakes.