Leave Your Message After The Tone...

I realize this is going to sound obvious, but based on a couple of examples recently, I have to say it. If you're leaving a voicemail message for a hiring manager or recruiter, be brief, speak slowly and clearly.

  • Say your full name. Even if you're following up after an interview, don't assume they will remember you.
  • State your business. Don't leave the hiring manager wondering why you called. Tell them you are calling to see if there is an update, or that you wanted to thank them for the interview.
  • Leave your phone number, all ten digits. Even if the number you called has the same area code as yours, always give your complete number. Speak slowly and give an
  • Be brief. Be respectful of the hiring manager's time. If your message is more than 30 seconds it is likely too long.

Twice in the last few weeks, I received ineffective voicemail messages from two different job seekers. In the first one, the caller said his first name but did not leave his phone number. The second one started off great. First and last name? Check. Brief and concise? Check. Full phone number? Yes, but at that part of the message she turned into an auction caller.

Follow our advice for phone interviews... stand, and use hand gestures. You only have seconds to make a good impression. Don't blow your chances of getting a call back by leaving an unintelligible voicemail.