Pls Don't Use Abbrev.

I started typing on an old typewriter. Electronic typewriters, what we called word processors, were already commonplace but I didn't know how to use all of the functions. What I did learn at an early age was how to abbreviate. And looking back at things I typed as a child, I abbreviated a lot.

But then I grew up and learned that abbreviations can hinder communication. As can acronyms and initialisms.

Just like buzzwords, abbreviations work best when both the reader and the writer share similar backgrounds. Although you might think some abbreviations may be universal, it is best to keep them off your resume and cover letter.

That means spelling out Street, Avenue, and California. Some abbreviations and initialisms I've seen a lot of recently:

  • Admin. Ass.
  • MS
  • Cust. Svc.
  • BS
  • UOP

Job search documents that have no abbreviations leave far less chance of being misunderstood. Spell out each and every word, every time. If it is exceptionally difficult to spell out an abbreviation, re-write the sentence or bullet and select another word.

Your resume and cover letter can only help you if they are read. Don't take a chance that any portion of yours won't be clear.