Be Great At Your Job Now

If you're currently working, the greatest asset in your job search bag-of-tricks is your performance in your current job. If you don't like your job, it can be real easy to become negative at work. But you must resist.

Especially if you deal with the public, there are so many opportunities to show people how great you are.

Years ago, one of the senior managers on my team needed to hire a manager. She wasn't getting the quality of applicants she was hoping for and decide to try something different. Rather than waiting for a recruiter in HR to find her the best candidates she hit the streets. Even though it wasn't a retail management job, she visited local retails stores and shopping centers and pretended to shop. She was actually shopping for a new manager.

Near the end of the day, she walked into a store in the Stoneridge Mall and was greeted by the store manager. Long story short... the hiring manager introduced herself and asked if she was in the market for a job change. She came to work for us a month or so later and performed very well.

Excelling in your current job has benefits beyond the chance encounter with someone that might want to hire you. Performing at your best can keep you sharp and at the top of your game.

You can control your attitude (read: you are in complete control of your actions that others observe and judge as your "attitude"). So, be great at your current job, it might just make all the difference.