Lessons From Jeopardy ‘Mad Genius’ Arthur Chu

Have you heard the controversy surrounding the tactics used by Jeopardy contestant Arthur Chu? From Yahoo! - "Chu, 30, stunned fans of the long-running game show last week, as he barreled his way past eight competitors to win the game four nights in a row. But it wasn’t his impressive winning streak that turned him into an Internet sensation — it was how he won."

He won by employing an unconventional strategy of, imagine the horror, selecting the highest dollar value questions first and making calculated wagers.

How does this relate to your job search?

If conventional is what every other job seeker is doing, shouldn't you go for the unconventional?

Walk into a business and ask to speak to the hiring manager. Pick up the phone and call them. Send thank you cards. Get away from your computer and go meet people.

What have you done to stand out in a field of other hungry candidates? Be professional, be respectful, but be different.

Catch Chu on his fifth night of Jeopardy! which is set to air on February 24.