43. Leona Marino and Jared Foster - May 19, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, featuring an exclusive interview with Leona Marino and Jared Foster, introducing WebWorldTalent.com.

In this episode:

A Bay Area casting agency is looking for Stockton talent. On May 22nd, American Eagle Casting will be holding an open audition for roles in the second season of the Investigation Discovery Channel's series, "I Almost Got Away With It." The casting calls will be held in Patterson beginning at 10AM and American Eagle Studios has asked specifically for participation from anyone interested from Stockton.

Our thoughts on Mayor Ann Johnston's State of the City Address. Last week the Mayor gave her Stockton State of the City Address speech. She talked about what Stockton needs to do in order to shake it's national reputation. Dallas Braden was also brought up as an example of the kind of person she is looking to to help change the "attitude" of the city. You can read the text of the speech here.

The Stockton Stingrays vs. Podcast Stockton beep baseball rematch you have all been waiting for. We recently took on the Stockton Stingrays beep baseball team. The Stockton Stingrays are still looking for six-person teams to play them on Saturdays at Atherton Park. Contact the Community Center for theBlind and Visually Impaired for more information at 209-466-3836 or info@communitycenterfortheblind.org. Check out the pics here.

An interview with Leona Marino and Jared Foster from WebWorldTalent.com. WWT will be looking for talented individuals to compete for cash and prizes. Later this summer, they will begin by filming audition videos for local singers. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Couple more things...

Don't forget to check out visitstockton.org for what is going on this weekend, there are a ton of things happening so stay informed by visiting the website.

The Haggin Museum A la Carte is taking place this Saturday from 6-9.

Check out the Port City Roller Girls in their first bout of the season.

Don't miss the Stockton Ports as the honor Dallas Braden and his perfect game on Saturday.

Join Delta College for their 2nd Annual Medifest starting at 10am in Upper Danner.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!