81. Adriana Brogger - March 3, 2014

In this episode, we welcome back a familiar voice, Rod Villagomez, who brings an interview with multimedia professional, San Joaquin Delta College instructor and literacy advocate, Adriana Brogger.

Adriana Brogger

Adriana Brogger

Adriana Brogger

Adriana tells her story of how she came to the United States as a toddler with her mother, only able to speak Spanish. Having spent a lot of time in the library, Adriana loved to read and to learn and would spend hours in the library. Early in her career, she acted in commercials and eventually found herself working as an assignment editor, producer, writer, and reporter for KCRA where she helped tell many positive stories about Stockton.

Adriana currently writes for Her Life Magazine and is an adjunct instructor at San Joaquin Delta College where she also serves as the faculty advisor for Delta College News.

Adriana is also passionate about literacy and volunteers as an adult literacy tutor through the Stockton San Joaquin County Public Library.

To learn more about Adriana, visit her website at adrianabrogger.com.

You can also see what's going on at Delta College's Radio and Television Program by going to deltacollegertv.com or check them out on youtube at DCTV on Demand.

43. Leona Marino and Jared Foster - May 19, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, featuring an exclusive interview with Leona Marino and Jared Foster, introducing WebWorldTalent.com.

In this episode:

A Bay Area casting agency is looking for Stockton talent. On May 22nd, American Eagle Casting will be holding an open audition for roles in the second season of the Investigation Discovery Channel's series, "I Almost Got Away With It." The casting calls will be held in Patterson beginning at 10AM and American Eagle Studios has asked specifically for participation from anyone interested from Stockton.

Our thoughts on Mayor Ann Johnston's State of the City Address. Last week the Mayor gave her Stockton State of the City Address speech. She talked about what Stockton needs to do in order to shake it's national reputation. Dallas Braden was also brought up as an example of the kind of person she is looking to to help change the "attitude" of the city. You can read the text of the speech here.

The Stockton Stingrays vs. Podcast Stockton beep baseball rematch you have all been waiting for. We recently took on the Stockton Stingrays beep baseball team. The Stockton Stingrays are still looking for six-person teams to play them on Saturdays at Atherton Park. Contact the Community Center for theBlind and Visually Impaired for more information at 209-466-3836 or info@communitycenterfortheblind.org. Check out the pics here.

An interview with Leona Marino and Jared Foster from WebWorldTalent.com. WWT will be looking for talented individuals to compete for cash and prizes. Later this summer, they will begin by filming audition videos for local singers. Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Couple more things...

Don't forget to check out visitstockton.org for what is going on this weekend, there are a ton of things happening so stay informed by visiting the website.

The Haggin Museum A la Carte is taking place this Saturday from 6-9.

Check out the Port City Roller Girls in their first bout of the season.

Don't miss the Stockton Ports as the honor Dallas Braden and his perfect game on Saturday.

Join Delta College for their 2nd Annual Medifest starting at 10am in Upper Danner.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!


42. David McKeever - May 17, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, featuring an interview with David Mckeever, creator of "365 Things To Do In Stockton." In this episode:

Stockton's very own Dallas Braden pitches a perfect game. On May 9th, 2010, Dallas Braden became the 19th pitcher in Major League Baseball history to pitch a perfect game. Since then he has been featured on David Letterman, ESPN's Sportcenter, as well as several other media outlets including Slick Diaz's blog, "Reclaiming The Title."

Sports with Lowell Tuckerman

Delta College is hosting a Mediafest this weekend. The Delta College Radio and Television department is hosting their 2nd Annual Mediafest on May 22nd. Mediafest is an event put on with the sole purpose of introducing college media students to the professionals in their crafts. Several local leaders of the industry will be be represented this year including those from radio, television, film, journalism and graphic arts. Matt and I will be the emcees as well. This event is open to the public. If you are interested in attending and would like more information visit their website.

What's new on Closetgoodies.com

An interview with David Mckeever creator of 365 Things To Do In Stockton, Ca. Over a month ago, local Realtor David Mckeever created "365 Things To Do In Stockton," a site spotlighting things to do in Stockton for every day of the year. Each day David posts another suggestion of a fun thing to do in town. Look for them on his website and follow them on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

This week's question of the week. What are your suggestions for a cheap (but fun) date in Stockton?

Until next time, make it great Stockton!


23. Gillian Murphy - January 14, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode 23. In this episode:

A couple of items from the news: The spring semester at Delta College is full. 99 Days to Asparagus festival. Burned Stockton Fire captain helps other survivorsWomens Center Gets $238K For Additional Staff

The Record's 55-Word Writing Contest. Michael Fitzgerald's annual writing writing contest is here again. Rod and I are going to submit something, you should, too. Deadline is 5:00 PM Wednesday 1/20/10.

Review of Submarina on West Lane. They are located at 7860 West Lane and can be reached at 209-594-1641. Follow them on Twitter @SubmarinaWestLn and check out there website, SubMarina.com.

The browser wars. What browsers do our listeners prefer? Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari? Brower Market Share, Usage, Top 5 Browsers from Dec 08 - Jan 10, Browser Statistics.

An interview with Gillian Murphy from the Small Business Development Center at San Joaquin Delta College. Rod recently sat down with Gillian Murphy to learn more about the Small Business Development Center.

What's new on Closetgoodies.com

Wes's Stockton activities guide. Go to VisitStockton.org to sign up for the weekly events e-mail and follow @Stockton_CVB on Twitter and on Facebook.

Next week, we're talking about the upcoming Apple announcement on January 26. Rumors point to a new tablet Mac. What do you think?

Until next time, make it great Stockton!


20. Broadcasting Sunshine - December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas and welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode number 20. In this episode:

A couple of items from the news: County Jail prisioners head home for Christmas, California Cougars to take part in an Indoor Soccer Triple header in Sacramento, major steel company setting up a new location in Stockton, recall election in the future for a Stockton Unified Trustee, and Stockton fire trucks sporting company logos (originally reported 3/21/09 in the Record).

Will Pirates be invading the Matinee? Andy is at it again, this time, his mission is to bring Pirate of Silicon Valley to Stockton for a night of drinks and geekery. The Record's Ian Hill uses Google Wave to share Stockton News.

Can you help balance the Stockton budget? Rod came across this site put up on Recordnet.com. Do you think you have the skills, and the courage, to balance the city's $159.9 million budget? Try it out! David Siders and Ian Hill did an awesome job with this.

Greg Bahr and other members from the Neighborhood Renaissance Program present at the City Council. Check out the video we posted on YouTube.

All we want for Christmas... is for you to help spread the word. We love bringing you Podcast Stockton and have such a great time sharing the stories of Stockton to our listeners. You can help us bring Podcast Stockton to more people. Tell your friends and neighbors about Podcast Stockton. We all know people that are tired of the negative image our city has. They might enjoy our show. Send them to our site. Suggest our Facebook page to friends. Remember, you don't need an iPod to listen to the show. You can listen directly from the site, or our Facebook page. You can even listen directly from your iPhone or Blackberry; just click the "Podcast" button below.

We want to hear about your favorite memories of 2009. What great memories will you have of the year that was 2009. Do you have a favorite news story? A favorite Podcast Stockton interview? Did you have some great personal news this year? Next week we'll re-cap 2009 in 209. Send an e-mail to mail@podcaststockton.com or leave a message at 209-565-3229.

On Sunday, December 27, Rod and I will be on The Guerra Show. We are taking next week off from Podcast Stockton but will be back with episode 21 on December 31.

Voicemail feedback from @Modesto6.

An interview with the production crew from the upcoming film, Broadcasting Sunshine. Mr. William Story and the crew from the Delta College Radio TV department are filming a full length film. Rod sits down with Manny, Fia and Soloman from the production crew. Follow Fia on Twitter @crlyqmagee and check out BroadcastingSunshine.com.

Wes's Stockton activities guide. Go to VisitStockton.org to sign up for the weekly events e-mail.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!