"... and they did neither."

"The Broncos needed to win or tie today to get to the playoffs... and they did neither!" - TV announcer said at the end of the Denver / SF game! From NFL.com 12/27 nfl kc playoff hopes 122706

The Kansas City Chiefs needed a lot to happen to get to the playoffs. First, they must beat Jacksonville and then hope Pittsburgh could pull out an upset against Ocho-Cinco and the Bengals (Cincinnati went in as 6 point favorites)... and then the Niners have to upset the Broncos (10.5 underdogs).

Well, the Chiefs beat the Jaguars... check! The Steelers beat the Bengals... check! And the Niners pulled off the win, with less than 2 minutes left in overtime... checkmate!

Mike Shanahan said he's glad KC won so his team would have to win in order to make it to the post season. Thanks for the confidence coach!

GO CHIEFS! Picture 1

Merry Christmas

Christmas has come and gone once again. We had a great time hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. The question is, at the end of the day, into how many pictures did Ken jump? Joe taught us, once again, that he is really the only one that can kick field goals with any consistency. Everyone was very happy to see Mimi. It was also great to have Kelly and Dennis with us both days (Happy Birthday Kelly). Once again, Jack made his famous fried rice and brought the prime rib for Christmas dinner.

Check out pics here.





Music Choice Goof

We listen to a lot of music and typically we have our TV set to Music Choice. We usually listen to the 80's, New Country or Arena Rock channels (I listen to the Bluegrass channel but only when there's no one else in the room). The best thing about MusicChoice is all of the factoids about the bands. So, anyway, today, as we were getting our house ready for our Christmas Eve party we had it on the Arena Rock station. Dio's "Holy Diver" came on followed by "Domino" by Kiss; it was shaping up to be a rockin' afternoon! As I walked by the TV singing "Restless and Wild" by Accept I noticed the band picture changed... and instead of showing Udo and the boys, it flashed a different quartet. Given my eclectic taste in music I immediately recognized this as a huge mix up. The picture they put up was one of The Oak Ridge Boys... giddy up a-oomp pappa oomp pappa mow-mow! 12-24-06_1330

Times, They are a Changin'

When we were young, growing up in north Stockton meant a lot of time at Tower Records, Hammer Skate and Naughty Nicks. I bought my last album (Animalize by KISS) and my first cassette tape (Not of this Earth by Joe Satriani) at Tower Records... we spent many a Friday and Saturday nights at Hammer Skate and there's no telling how much money we wasted playing 9-ball and snooker at Naughty Nicks... and now they are no more. Hammer Skate announced its closure earlier this year and now sits vacant waiting for (I assume) it's demolition before it becomes a new Walgreens (no word on if the Walgreens that sits one mile down Hammer Lane will close in favor of this location or if Walgreens is employing the Stabucks, put-one-on-every-corner, method). No three words strike up old memories quite like "all-night skate"... more than two decades later and that subject still comes up every now and then. I guess our kids will not know how much fun a skating rink can be... ok, maybe this is a good thing.



Across the street from it's current location, Naughty Nick's was originally Tiptons, which sat in a little shop. When we were young we would go in and try to hustle the younger kids in to playing pool for their arcade money. When they opened up Nick's across the street it quickly became the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights. We all learned to play 9-ball and snooker and learned how to really talk smack. Naughty Nick's will close it's doors soon in favor of The Cameo Club. Again, out with the old and in the with the new. The draw (no pun intended) of poker and the popularity of hold-em was so great that Stockton could not justify a billiard place that size. Everyone knew they made more money on parties than renting out pool tables but even that business seems to have slowed down lately.


I guess iPods, iTunes and Napster finally won... not to mention the $19 they were charging for a CD! Even though it's sad to see Tower go, I must admit that I haven't bought anything there since 11/18/03 when I made our first iTunes purchase - "Remember When" by Alan Jackson.


So, times are sure changing. Is there anyway to say that without sounding (or feeling) old? But with our kids getting older by the day I wonder where it will be that they will hang out on weekends. Hell, even Golfland is gone!


Recently, we received an e-mail from an anonymous web surfer. Your Name: A random web surfer Your Email: anonymous Subject: Photos of Emo

Message: Hello Matt! Just thought you might be interested to know--the word, "Emo" in pop-culture slang refers to a genre of music somewhere between punk-rock and emotionally charged alternative music, as well as a life style and look centered around dark clothes and excessive teen angst. Many teenagers embrace this, but just as many hate it, mock them, and spread phrases such as the very well known, "cry emo, cry!" along with malicious pictures mocking their subculture throughout the internet. Why am I telling you this? Because a Yahoo image search on the word, "Emo" which I can guess thousands of kids do everyday, evidently brings up numerous pictures of what I assume is your daughter on the first dozen pages of links. I would like to point out that the Internet has a history of taking things which are innocent or random, and photoshopping them or otherwise transforming them into something meant to be funny and famous, but ultimately is simply hurtful to the person it's focussed on. There's also just the point that this is potentially a very easy way for people who know your daughter as well as a large number of people you don't know simply finding their way to these photos and your blog, which, if it were me, would be rather troubling. I would guess Yahoo should be able to remove them from their search results if you were to ask, but if not, I would suggest at the very least changing the names to the images.

Aloha and happy holidays! A friendly web surfer

Well, Web Surfer, let me say this. Yours is not the first comment like this we have received, and it surely won't be last. Actually, yours was the most friendly as most say things like, "I was searching for 'emo haircut' and got your site, you suck". We first discovered this genre a few years ago when we were searching the 'net for clothes that said "emo" on them. Since then, the term seems to have crept up more and more in pop-culture. That doesn't change the fact our daughter is also Emo. We shared your comments with Emo and asked what she would like us to do. She said, in her normal spirit, "I'm Emo and I'm not changing the nickname I've been called since the day I was born" (it was her uncle Ken that awarded her the nickname when he first saw her at the hospital).

That got us thinking, what else does Emo mean?

A gas station! A brand of binoculars! Some place in Italy! In fact there are even other people that go by Emo and let's not forget about the one that most consider the original Emo... Emo Philips!

A search on Yahoo! images for "emo" returned over 300,000 items... and only a few hundred or so are from my sites.

So, to all of you worried kids, thank you for your concern but, if you happen across our site looking for other emo stuff, sorry to have diverted your attention. 3782-emo_garage_crop



Thunder Loses First Home Game of Season

girlsthunder112406 The Stockton Thunder lost their first home game this season when the Alaska Aces scored a late third period goal to tie the game and eventually beat us in the first shutout.

There was not a single fight in the whole game so I put up a goal instead. Click here to see the third period score by Brandon Hodge on YouTube.