5 Generations

With the birth of their little girl, Chiara, Mike and Billie ushered in the first member of the newest generation.  Chiara Elizabeth Bowen was born on Friday, October 11, 2002.  The last time we had 5 generations represented was, ironically, when Mikey himself came into this world and Grandma Napoletano was still with us. We are all excited about our newest little baby and can't wait to see her.  For those out-of-towners, stay tuned, we'll try to get some photos up real soon.

For the astute members our family - that means that Grace is now a Great-Grandmother and Mimi is a Great-Great-Grandmother!  Wow... imagine that!


Wow, what a difference 189 days makes

That's right... it's been 189 days between these two pictures. The four little ones (lil' wood, K-Jo, Raich and Lizzy) made for some great shots at Jim's birthday party.  Everyone showed up to have fun at the good old fashioned party, complete with Bobbin' For Apples (GIANNA ROCKED), a Three Legged Race, Balloon Toss (Bret & Jim were awesome) and an Egg Race, but it was obvious that these beautiful babies stole the show !!!Emo_bday_074b

Victory Park 10/13/01


The First Baby Summit 04/20/02


Welcome K2

The Family welcomes the birth of Kenneth Gerald Havens, born today at 3:02 pm.  K2, as his little brother calls him, weighed in at 7 pounds and 3 ounces.  There was 18 7/8 inches of tape used to get from the top of his little head to edge of his big toes. Mommy, Baby, Daddy and Family are doing good now. Pictures can be found at the parent's site (http://kennyhavens.com/babynews/) along with a couple of pictures on our site.