Hockey in Stockton?

Given the choice between soccer and hockey, we’d take soccer. Add arena football to the equation and we’d take that every day of the week. We really enjoyed going to Ports games at the old park but fell in love with the new ballpark on the waterfront. This made sense.

Hockey, though? In Stockton?

Well, we decided to go the second game at the arena tonight and let me tell you, we are cynics no more!

The Stockton Thunder is, hands down, the best entertainment value in Stockton. We have never watched hockey before but quickly caught on. Even the girls loved the game. At the end of the second period we got up to leave. That was, until the couple sitting next to us educated us. We had no idea there was three periods.

Throughout the final period, Emily and Makenzy were on their feet, cheering on their new favorite team.

I can tell we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these guys. The play is awesome. The entertainment is great. The crowds are better than anything else in Stockton.

This is exactly what Stockton has been begging for.

Now given the choice, we’ll take hockey every day!

Kudos to Dan Chapman for putting together another winner!

Go Thunder!

Jaguars Tourney - Galt

The Stockton Jaguars played a tournament in Galt this weekend. Saturday's game was early and brrrrr cold... it was the closest to sub-zero we get in this area... the ground was like ice! Sadly, they lost all three games... but they are now hungry for revenge... especially since they lost to Turlock and Modesto... two teams they had never lost to this year! More tourneys in January in Pleasanton... and they are itchin' to get back to where there were before... 2nd place in the Roseville Tournament and 1st in the Stockton Tournament.page0_11 page0_12



Happy Thanksgiving

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! What a great Thanksgiving... great food, hanging out with the family. Some of the boys went over to the high school and tried to prove who could kick the longest field goal, even though none of us had any real experience kicking a football. Check out pictures here.page0_13

Some of the cousins... wow... these girls are getting older and older!


Go Jaguars!

The Stockton Jaguars ended their regular season recently with two impressive wins against Turlock and Ceres. Now it is tourney time! These girls, some of who have played together for many years, played very well this year and we are looking forward to some tough soccer in December and January. We lost some pretty tough games but won some really killer games. We may be biased but Dawn and I think that this team has the best group of girls in our league. Check out pictures of the season here.page0_15Don't mess with Stockton!

page0_16 page0_17 page0_18 page0_19 Nice header, Emily! Way to go Jaguars... and thanks to the coaches... Frank, Fernando and Alberto!!! page0_201-2-3-GO JAGUARS!

Disneyland Vacation

page37_1 We finally took the girls to Disneyland! What an amazing trip... now we know why it is called the happiest place on earth. Click here for some pictures.

... and some videos:

Disneyland trip 9/05 11:08 PM 6020534 Disney05_v1_ride.MPG 11:13 PM 6410413 Disney05_v2_ride.MPG 11:30 PM 12576976 Disney05_v3_downtown_guitar.MPG 11:22 PM 4693287 Disney05_v4_Goofy.MPG 11:18 PM 5495292 Disney05_v5_Goofy.MPG 11:35 PM 3139252 DisneyMOV02938.MPG 11:24 PM 3139970 DisneyMOV02954.MPG 11:34 PM 9037263 DisneyMOV02955.MPG