Livermore Loop

What a ride! We met at the Airport in Livermore just after six o'clock in the morning.  It was cold (of course) but there was almost no wind.

From Livermore we headed north through Collier Canyon to Danville and then came face to face with the Devil himself... that's right sports fans... Mt. Diablo !!!  We made the climb to the ranger station (half way up) with no stops (easy feat for Chuck but not for me and Bill).  The climb was made more tough since we had a 20 mile ride just to get there.

We descended from Diablo and headed into Walnut Creek (after my flat of course) and then cruised through Clayton.  Little did we know that the fun had just begun.

Our second helping of hills came in  courtesy of Morgan Territory.  We climbed the several miles to the top and then hit the killer downhill road back to Collier Canyon and then back to Livermore.

What an absolute killer ride ! As I am writing this Sunday morning my legs and chest are still reeling from the pain.  As our coach always says, "Cycling rewards consistency" - he was right and now I know why he pushes me every Saturday.

Total distance: 70 miles


JR At 40

You know those age progression pictures they have on the news that show what Elvis or JFK would look like today? Well.... we always assume we will grow up to look just like our parents.  For instance, everyone assumes JR will grow up to look just like Melville.

I disagree.... and offer this proof...

Here's a glimpse of what JR might look like in 15 years.

JR at 24 JR at 40?

We went to Emily's school for her Christmas performance and this guy (JR at 40) is in the front row... Fred, Flower, Dawn and I all freaked out and said, "Wow... it's like an old JR."  Even Emo, Mak, Carina and Dan saw the similarities.  Well, to be fair, Dan & Mak were just going along with the rest of us.

... much love my brutha....  reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb

Finally Unpacked

Well we are finally in the new house! After a very stressful couple of months we are happily (almost) all moved in. Thanks to the movin' Dawgs - Mike, JR, Twon, KW, Fred, Bob and Jammin' Jerry D for all of your help! Also, thanx to Jack and Rita for lettin' us shack up while we were between escrows.

Dawn has been busy in the new pad re-arranging things and making our house our home.  She has already busted out with a little bit of Martha Stewart by painting Mak's room.