The Grape in the Outback

As if having my own theme song was not enough... The Grape asked if they could invade The Outback and record not only mattbeckwith-dot-com but pizzagohere-dot-com.  I was more than happy to oblige... and here's what we came up with....aa1P8070037 The Grape showed up the night before to set up the drums and then again at 10 am the next morning to get to work.  The Outback was just too small so we re-modeled our living room for the day.  With a couple cases of beer we were on our way! After they did the guitar, drum and guitar parts we were finally able to convince Mike to do the lead vocals!  Awesome job bro!  Once we were ready for the final mix down and listening one last time to make sure it was good Ralph started making some strange half harmonica and half scat sounds... that was it!!! Alas... the song is perfect! matt-beckwith-dot-com (click to play or right click to save) aaP8070015

After was done the band re-did the vocals to pizza-go-here-dot-com!  And since the Dominos guy had just showed up we said, what the hell... we have to get a picture of the guy... and yes, we did tell him... PIZZA GO HERE! pizza-go-here-dot-com (click to play or right click to save) aaP8070018

We also recorded a new song written by Ted to appear on the next release from The Grape.  I have been asked by the band not to publish this new song on the 'net so you'll have to wait for the new CD to hear it.  Thanks y'all for letting me play lead guitar on this one... and Tom... great piano idea!

aaP8070006 It was truly an honor to work with The Grape.   I am sure we will work together again soon!  (Tom's Grapevine: TOM'S  GRAPEVINE) ***************************************** GO SEE THE GRAPE LIVE . . . FRIDAY, AUGUST 27th AT BLACKWATER CAFE!!! WHILE YOU'RE THERE... REQUEST MATTBECKWITH.COM ! ! ! Check out there site here: The Grape *****************************************


Stockton to Tracy Ride

The Newman Bike Club (Chuck & Bill) traveled all the way to North Stockton for an early 0530 start.We rode through town to the Calaveras trail and then through UOP and on through the beautiful downtown Stockton.  Much to their disappointment, we didn't see a single gang banger (probably because it was too early in the morning).  We turned west at French Camp and headed right into a head wind at Mathews / Howard roads.  We rotated turns up front but I kept dropping back.  I kept promising a rest stop at mile 20 or mile 30 but as we rolled through the twentieth mile with not a damn thing in site other than dirt and road I realized it was 25 or 30.  Bill was so distraught over having to ride further than expected to get to the 1st rest stop that he, in anger, tried to take me out of the ride.  He clipped my back wheel and bit it hard!  Well, of course I'm joking about his intent... he had one hand on the bars and one hand on his water bottle when he looked up and WHAM! Actually it sounded more like, "OH SHIT!!!" and then WHAM! Bill was down hard!  Chuck and I stopped and after a couple of minutes we were back on the road again.... Bill suffering a major cut to his arm and probably a deep raspberry on his ass.  He'll have to re-tape his bars soon, too. We finally made our first stop at mile 31 in Tracy (205 & Tracy Blvd) and then headed toward the raging metropolis of Banta.  As we crossed 11th street and Grantline Mike text paged me with the results from the Tour (Lance takes the stage and is now 22 seconds behind the Yellow Jersey)! This ride could be coined as the HEADWIND TOUR because it seems we got it from every direction.  Going East on Grantline, South East on Kassoon and North on Airport, it all felt like we were riding right into it! I kept falling off the pace on Kassoon and Union and Bill and Chuck were gracious enough to allow me to catch up (mostly because they didn't know the way back). Bill rode extremely tough and I did my best to keep up as much as I did.  All in all, ass kicked and all, it felt awesome... plus I knocked 45 minutes off my time from when I did this same ride in April.

Patterson to Livermore ride

I met Chuck early on Saturday morning in the big city of Patterson.  He promised me an incredible ride... he promised me a lot of climbing... he promised me more than 100 miles of lung pounding, leg screaming roads.  Well, once again, the coach delivered!The first order of the day was to get over the famed Del Puerto Canyon (after I went back and did the first .75 miles twice because I FORGOT MY WATER BOTTLES) [see 6-12-04 and 9-20-03] which I finally did without a rest!  On the way up a guy flew past us like we were standing still.  When we approached the wall (the last 1.5 miles, Chuck took off strong, eventually passing that same guy (who, by the way, never made it to the top).  We re-grouped and rode to the junction to fill our water bottles with the nasty tank water (this time, we brought plenty of powdered energy mix to kill the taste). It was now 31 miles to Livermore with more climbing, beautiful views and far more bikes than cars.  Chuck caught a swarm of bees in his helmet on a downhill stretch and flung his helmet off... only to realize that his shades went, too.  He was able to save his frame and nose piece but he would have to ride the rest of the day without any eye protection because the lens was demolished! We had lunch at a Subway in Livermore and headed back toward Patterson.  The hills were even more brutal on the return trip and it was getting hotter and hotter.  Somewhere up Mines Road we stopped where there were three very young girls selling ice cold lemonade for $1 glass!  These girls were very entrepreneurial.  I said that, given all of the cyclists out, perhaps selling cytomax would be more profitable... Chuck, on the other hand, pointed out that in a few years, when they were all "legal" they would surely sell "A LOT MORE LEMONADE!" Chuck caught a flat shortly before the Junction on the return trip so we had an unscheduled (but much needed by me) rest stop. After filling our bottles at the Junction we headed back for town.  Chuck made me power over the last couple of little baby climbs (which I still feel today). Total miles: 112 See y'all on 7/17/04 . . . Stockton, French Camp, Tracy, Manteca..


Extravaganza 2004

Extravaganza 2004!  Our 24th year. This year found we partied in Jamestown and had a BLAST!  Special thanks to our FNGs... such good sports and remember, you can only be FNG once... so, here's to next year!Want to see pictures... sorry, those have been classified... if you were there then you will receive a link soon. Otherwise, these were the only shots fit to print: TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_78 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_79 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_80 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_82 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_83 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_84 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_86 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_93 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_81 2004-06-26_Extravaganza_12


You Have Just Logged On...

The day we moved from and into our new place  - - I got a call from Tom (fromThe Grape) saying that the band would be recording the theme song!!!  Wow, I am honored... Dawn and I have known Tom for many years... since the Shakey's Late Night times... oh, so many eons ago... and he has always been a big fan of the site... but to give us a theme song???? Wow, that's impressive...without any further delay... here it is... the theme song sounds mattbeckwith-dot-com.MP3 (click to play or right click to save)

you've just logged on you've just logged on just move the mouse and click, see what's going on.... you got Mrs. B, who is Dawn Marie, you got Mackenzie and Emily, you got JR, Kenny, Missy, Tony, Lance and Mike, you can even see Matt riding his bike, you have just logged on



Climb Day

Another cool ride with the entire NBC (Newman Bike Club)... Chuck and Bill.  We met in Livermore and then drove out to Antioch to start the ride.  Chuck had been promising a lot of climbing on this ride and within the first several miles we knew what he meant.Against a horrific head wind, we climbed up Kirker Pass and into Concord.  The next climb was Morgan Territory.  With plenty of shade, never a car in sight, some long but gradual climbing and just enough flat spots makes this one of my favorite places to climb.... not to mention the killer descent on the south side!  With a nasty head & cross wind coming at us I was never able to get over 42. We thought we lost Bill on the ascent but later learned that he hadn't tightened his new saddle well enough and it was tilting back quite a bit.  None of us had any tools but thankfully there were some other riders that did.  Chuck empathized... I, on the other hand, told Bill to be a man... take the damn seat off and ride on the post!!! We then headed to Danville and to Mount Diablo.  We rode up very strong... and I shaved 7 minutes off my to-the-junction time.  At this rate... I'll be able to get to the Summit in one hour... in 2008! From the junction we headed down to Walnut Creek and up Yngacio Valley.  Near the end, we faced the other side of Kirker Pass... it was very hot but we got to the top and then FLEW down into Pittsburgh!  This descent was awesome... I got it up to 53... wow, what a rush!! What a great ride... Bill pushed hard on the climbs and kicked my ass on the last 10 miles. Chuck, of course, dominated in the hills! Our ride ended up only being 80 miles... but 80 miles with a lot of climbing!


Pizza Go Where?

Welcome to our site..., formerly known as ... gladly serving you since 1997.... . . CONGRATS TO THE DETROIT PISTONS . . . !!!! thebeckwithfamily Pizza Go Here???? What the heck kind of name is that for a web site??? I can here it now.  I guess I expected that question to be asked.  Pizza go here is forever; "pizza go here" is proof that family never forgets... especially when you really want them to!  Pizza go here is a famous quote uttered by my Mom, at Dante's Pizza, many years ago... you know... sometimes what you mean to say and what you actually say are two different things... well, that's what happened.  When the waitress came to our table with the food, Ma said, "pizza go here!"  and we have been laughing about it ever since! So... Dawn and I have been talking about changing domain names but we just couldn't come up with a name that stood out above the rest... then, a few nights ago... it hit Dawn... just as she was going to bed... she came running into the Outback... PIZZA GO HERE... and here we are!