Extravaganza 2004

Extravaganza 2004!  Our 24th year. This year found we partied in Jamestown and had a BLAST!  Special thanks to our FNGs... such good sports and remember, you can only be FNG once... so, here's to next year!Want to see pictures... sorry, those have been classified... if you were there then you will receive a link soon. Otherwise, these were the only shots fit to print: TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_78 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_79 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_80 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_82 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_83 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_84 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_86 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_93 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_81 2004-06-26_Extravaganza_12