Extravaganza 2008

Last weekend, we celebrated the 28th Extravaganza at the National Hotel in Jackson, California. We drove up on Friday night and had a grand ol’ Extravaganza type night. 2609733868_960aeb21bc

On Saturday we had our normal get together which was made even more entertaining by a stunning theatrical performance by FNGs Randy and Sue. They had a (fake) speech planned that got everyone thinking they were leaving early because of something someone said about them. Sue even brought out the tears and everyone was up in arms. A few of us noticed her husband video-taping the whole thing and grew increasingly skeptical. After a few minutes they finished their joke to roaring applause... good one guys.

Hope and Joe hid the flag this year and a few of us spent hours in the heat looking for it. In the end, Randy followed the hints and grabbed the prize... now he has to come back next year.

I especially had a good time being scared out of my mind, not once, but twice, when Hope and then Grace snuck in my room. I was not expecting Hope and wondered why Grace was trying to distract me. When I went back and found Grace there a few minutes later I really freaked out. Even though I expected her to be there, it still scared the crap out of me. Dawn and I even got Mike pretty good when she walked away and “accidently” didn’t shut the door all the way. C’mon! Really? Well, Mike fell for it and hid out in our room for a minute, amazed at the prize he just fell into, until I jumped out of the darkness yelling, “did you really think we’d let you in like that!”

Extravaganza ’08 was a blast... only 360 more days ‘til the next one!

Click here for the pics that were fit to publish.

Extravaganza 2004

Extravaganza 2004!  Our 24th year. This year found we partied in Jamestown and had a BLAST!  Special thanks to our FNGs... such good sports and remember, you can only be FNG once... so, here's to next year!Want to see pictures... sorry, those have been classified... if you were there then you will receive a link soon. Otherwise, these were the only shots fit to print: TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_78 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_79 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_80 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_82 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_83 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_84 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_86 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_93 TN_2004-06-26_Extravaganza_81 2004-06-26_Extravaganza_12


Extravaganza 2001

Our 21st year.  This year we took over the Gunn House Hotel in Downtown Sonora. The weekend was chocked full of partying, drinking and karaoke with undeniably the greatest performance of "Devil..." done by Joe and The Gang ever!  There was an unusually bad version of"You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore" done by two nameless people that was thankfully ended before the end of the song.  Someone checked the box that increased the key of the song up a few steps and the singers didn't realize it.   And then of course, there was the pranks!  Breaking in and thrashing rooms was not too difficult since the rooms were very old and the locks were antiquated simple to pick.  Salt in bed sheets, lotion on toilet seats, shaving cream on the door handles all made for a great weekend.  Kelly came up with a great song-title game to play around the pool.  Of course, the newbies did get the "Saints" march - courtesy of Mike, Shauna, Dawn and Tony.  Who knows what fun next year will bring!!!