Oakland Faders

I love football... I love Monday Night Football... and I love to see the Raiders get shut out on national TV. As I flipped through the local paper this morning something jumped out at me and had me bustin' a gut! faders

9 - Time Oakland Faders Andrew Walter was sacked Monday night in Seattle. The Oakland Faders... ha ha ha... I haven't heard that one this year yet! But let's get real here for a second... don't blame Walter (isn't he the 5th string QB)... blame the line and blame Shell! Gotta love them Raiders... love to see 'em lose that is.

NFL 2002

As everyone knows; every year I make a bold prediction of who's going to the Superbowl... I have never been right so I don't mind saying that my prediction for this year is:sb_pix090702...sorry Ken and Joe, your Raiders just aint gonna do it this year... 9-7, but choke in the playoffs! as for my Chiefs... I still have faith in ya... just not foolish to think we're going all the way!kc_negmy prediction: 7-9 Teams to watch...PHILLY, CHICAGO, MIAMI and, yes, even the TEXANS!!! WEEK 1WOW... what did I say... watch those TEXANS and THOSE DOLPHINS! What about that NYJ-BUF game... crazy! UNDEFEATED AFC WEST Thanks Dwayne Rudd druddLosing your helmet sure helped my team!!!


Who's going to win

KC_121601_12sWho's gonna win the superbowl??? Who cares!  Yeah, I know... no one cares.  Well, there's one big reason to watch: to find out what the heck this MLIFE thing is all about... great hype!  I'll be watching... who knows... maybe it's a new multi-level marketing, pyramid-scheme cult that is going to take over the world !!! Well, we'll have to wait !!!