The Grape in the Outback

As if having my own theme song was not enough... The Grape asked if they could invade The Outback and record not only mattbeckwith-dot-com but pizzagohere-dot-com.  I was more than happy to oblige... and here's what we came up with....aa1P8070037 The Grape showed up the night before to set up the drums and then again at 10 am the next morning to get to work.  The Outback was just too small so we re-modeled our living room for the day.  With a couple cases of beer we were on our way! After they did the guitar, drum and guitar parts we were finally able to convince Mike to do the lead vocals!  Awesome job bro!  Once we were ready for the final mix down and listening one last time to make sure it was good Ralph started making some strange half harmonica and half scat sounds... that was it!!! Alas... the song is perfect! matt-beckwith-dot-com (click to play or right click to save) aaP8070015

After was done the band re-did the vocals to pizza-go-here-dot-com!  And since the Dominos guy had just showed up we said, what the hell... we have to get a picture of the guy... and yes, we did tell him... PIZZA GO HERE! pizza-go-here-dot-com (click to play or right click to save) aaP8070018

We also recorded a new song written by Ted to appear on the next release from The Grape.  I have been asked by the band not to publish this new song on the 'net so you'll have to wait for the new CD to hear it.  Thanks y'all for letting me play lead guitar on this one... and Tom... great piano idea!

aaP8070006 It was truly an honor to work with The Grape.   I am sure we will work together again soon!  (Tom's Grapevine: TOM'S  GRAPEVINE) ***************************************** GO SEE THE GRAPE LIVE . . . FRIDAY, AUGUST 27th AT BLACKWATER CAFE!!! WHILE YOU'RE THERE... REQUEST MATTBECKWITH.COM ! ! ! Check out there site here: The Grape *****************************************