Hockey in Stockton?

Given the choice between soccer and hockey, we’d take soccer. Add arena football to the equation and we’d take that every day of the week. We really enjoyed going to Ports games at the old park but fell in love with the new ballpark on the waterfront. This made sense.

Hockey, though? In Stockton?

Well, we decided to go the second game at the arena tonight and let me tell you, we are cynics no more!

The Stockton Thunder is, hands down, the best entertainment value in Stockton. We have never watched hockey before but quickly caught on. Even the girls loved the game. At the end of the second period we got up to leave. That was, until the couple sitting next to us educated us. We had no idea there was three periods.

Throughout the final period, Emily and Makenzy were on their feet, cheering on their new favorite team.

I can tell we’re going to be seeing a lot more of these guys. The play is awesome. The entertainment is great. The crowds are better than anything else in Stockton.

This is exactly what Stockton has been begging for.

Now given the choice, we’ll take hockey every day!

Kudos to Dan Chapman for putting together another winner!

Go Thunder!