Stockton Jaguars - Roseville Invitational

The STOCKTON JAGUARS took second place in the Girls U12 category for this weekend's tournament (the first tourney of the year for the girls... and the first games at all). What an amazing time! The girls had a brutal schedule this weekend with an early game on Saturday and a long six hour break between the second and last games. After winning the first game 5-1 and blanking the second team 3-0 the JAGUARS tied their third opponent of the weekend but had enough points to get to play in the championship game today. They played a tough Roseville team and lost 3-0 but looked great coming in second place overall! Way to go Emily and the rest of the STOCKTON JAGUARS! Click here for pictures from this weekend's tourney! page37_2


Emily's Longest Ride

After having her new bike for only a week Emily decided it was time to go on a longer ride. We headed out this morning to the wonderful little town of Thornton. We only stopped once at the 76 station in Thornton and then we were back on our way. By the time we got home she had completed her longest ride to date.... 36 miles... she was tired but did very well. page37_6


Emily's New Bike

page37_7 page37_8 Emily has said that her goal is to be the first female to win le Tour de France. Well, she got one step closer this weekend when we picked up her first road bike... a sweet looking red Specialized Dolce. She did awesome on her first ride on the new bike... 23 miles and looking strong. She is still proud to be part of the Sprocket Rockets (click here to visit the Sprocket Rocket's web site)


ABC '05

Annual Bro's Camping Trip - Pinecrestpage37_10 page37_11

This year we headed for the cool air and tall trees of Pinecrest... just a few miles from the Dodge Ridge Ski Resort. Besides me getting sick on Thursday (and not from drinkin') it was an awesome camping trip. The kids rode their bikes all day long and then went and saw a couple of movies at night on the outdoor screen across the road. On our second day me and KW headed out to Dodge Ridge, and by OUT I mean UP. KW did great on his inaugural climb (3.5 miles and about 1200 feet of climbing). Fred and Twon met us at Dodge Ridge. We headed up a mile or so (and over 2,000 feet) while mostly carrying the bikes and then bolted downhill on the double track (and very bumpy) trails. I had no idea that the ski runs doubled as bike trails in the off-season. Click here for pics of the trip.


4th of July

What a cool 4th of July! H2O skiing... and of course all of the other fun stuff! page37_12

Seven of us on the boat on the Delta. Mike and I and Twon got right up but Fred and JR took a little more work (Fred more than anyone). We promised him that we would teach him how to get up and stay up and he was determined to do it! An hour or so later he was finally skiing!!! JR and Brian got up pretty quick but the fun of the day was Fred. That poor guy... he was more patient than anyone of us would have been... especially with all of us yelling out directions and advice to him. Check out the pics page and the video page for some of the day's events.


Happy Birthday Maria

page37_14 page37_15 Boy, do we love surprise birthday parties! Cwissy, Belinda, Pam and Tom really did a great job with this Jamaican themed party. Everyone assembled at Pam & Tom's house about six o'clock and then when we were all ready, Cwissy made the call to Maria to tell her that someone had broken into her Mom's house... and to make it worse... the dogs were missing. Well, Maria, being the good daughter that she is... came running with all her friends. She burst through the door expecting to start a burglary investigation but instead heard the screams of "SURPRISE!" Caribbean decorations and food made the event very enjoyable. Check out pictures from the party on our picture page.