"... and they did neither."

"The Broncos needed to win or tie today to get to the playoffs... and they did neither!" - TV announcer said at the end of the Denver / SF game! From NFL.com 12/27 nfl kc playoff hopes 122706

The Kansas City Chiefs needed a lot to happen to get to the playoffs. First, they must beat Jacksonville and then hope Pittsburgh could pull out an upset against Ocho-Cinco and the Bengals (Cincinnati went in as 6 point favorites)... and then the Niners have to upset the Broncos (10.5 underdogs).

Well, the Chiefs beat the Jaguars... check! The Steelers beat the Bengals... check! And the Niners pulled off the win, with less than 2 minutes left in overtime... checkmate!

Mike Shanahan said he's glad KC won so his team would have to win in order to make it to the post season. Thanks for the confidence coach!

GO CHIEFS! Picture 1