Music Choice Goof

We listen to a lot of music and typically we have our TV set to Music Choice. We usually listen to the 80's, New Country or Arena Rock channels (I listen to the Bluegrass channel but only when there's no one else in the room). The best thing about MusicChoice is all of the factoids about the bands. So, anyway, today, as we were getting our house ready for our Christmas Eve party we had it on the Arena Rock station. Dio's "Holy Diver" came on followed by "Domino" by Kiss; it was shaping up to be a rockin' afternoon! As I walked by the TV singing "Restless and Wild" by Accept I noticed the band picture changed... and instead of showing Udo and the boys, it flashed a different quartet. Given my eclectic taste in music I immediately recognized this as a huge mix up. The picture they put up was one of The Oak Ridge Boys... giddy up a-oomp pappa oomp pappa mow-mow! 12-24-06_1330