102. Jenny-Faye Klooster, the Swearing Mom - September 5, 2016

Even though Jenny-Faye Klooster and her family moved from Stockton four years ago, her ties to Stockton run deep. She is a multi-generation Stocktonian now living in Southern California but still considers Stockton her home.

A fixture on the Miracle Mile, Jenny-Faye first worked at, and then eventually owned and operated San Francisco Floral.

Jenny-Faye Klooster

Jenny-Faye Klooster

After moving, Jenny-Faye started a blog, The Swearing Mom's Guide to Life, what she calls, "A menagerie of opinions and ideas of lifestyle and social relevance through the eyes of a potty mouthed Mama". 

Her blog is well-written and full of wonderful food and drink recipes. But its biggest draw is the personal stories and opinion pieces. 

On a recent visit to Stockton, Jenny-Faye sat down with Matt. Before they started the official interview, Jenny-Faye made a drink, one that she had recently featured on her blog, a Hard Cherry Limeade

Jenny-Faye also began releasing videos, showcasing some fun cocktails. Honey Lavender Lemontini, The Ginger Greyhound and Blackberry Bourbon Smash have been very popular. 

Amongst the recipes are some very personal posts, such as The Fattest Girl in the Room and A Villain, a Mom and Two Little Boys.

Follow the blog at swearingmom.com and on Facebook at  facebook.com/theswearingmom.

The music for episode 102 is "Brand New Revolution" by Icarus Jones.

68. David Garcia, Stockton City Limits - August 12, 2013

Golf Anyone?

Matt and Susan talk about golfing in Stockton. Maybe a Podcast Stockton Golf Tournament someday???  

Stockton offers two well known municipal 18-hole golf courses, and a Par 3 Executive Golf Course for your golfing pleasure. Swenson Park Golf Course and Van Buskirk Golf Course. Both are easily accessible from Interstate-5. 


With other courses like The Reserve at Spanos, Elkhorn and others, there's lots of opportunities for great golf in town.

To find out more about golfing in Stockton visit  stocktongolfcourses.com

Let's Talk Dogs!

Susan and Matt both try Casey's Hot Dogs and meet with the owner,  Peter.

Recently opening on July 4th, Casey's Hot Dogs is the newest restaurant on the miracle mile.

The name Casey, of course, comes from "Casey at the Bat" following the theme of "The Might Casey at the Bat". 

Enjoy gourmet hot dogs and catch a baseball game on the flat screen TVs.

Casey's Hot Dogs is located on the Miracle Mile at 2311 Pacific Avenue, between La Palma Mexican restaurant and the new location of Mid Town Creperie.

Stockton City Limits

In this episode, Matt and Susan are joined in studio by David Garcia the author of the blog, Stockton City Limits.

David Garcia

David Garcia

Stockton City Limits is a blog about growth and development in Stockton. David earned his Master’s Degree in Public Policy with an emphasis on Urban Policy from the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies. He works as a researcher/analyst for a Congressional research agency in Washington, DC.  

We hope you'll visit the blog and read his thought-provoking and data driven research that touches on many facets of urban planning, growth, and development.

To learn more about Stockton City Limits visit the blog at stocktoncitylimits.com and continue the conversation on Facebook at facebook.com/stocktoncitylimits and Twitter @STK_City_Limits.

42. David McKeever - May 17, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, featuring an interview with David Mckeever, creator of "365 Things To Do In Stockton." In this episode:

Stockton's very own Dallas Braden pitches a perfect game. On May 9th, 2010, Dallas Braden became the 19th pitcher in Major League Baseball history to pitch a perfect game. Since then he has been featured on David Letterman, ESPN's Sportcenter, as well as several other media outlets including Slick Diaz's blog, "Reclaiming The Title."

Sports with Lowell Tuckerman

Delta College is hosting a Mediafest this weekend. The Delta College Radio and Television department is hosting their 2nd Annual Mediafest on May 22nd. Mediafest is an event put on with the sole purpose of introducing college media students to the professionals in their crafts. Several local leaders of the industry will be be represented this year including those from radio, television, film, journalism and graphic arts. Matt and I will be the emcees as well. This event is open to the public. If you are interested in attending and would like more information visit their website.

What's new on Closetgoodies.com

An interview with David Mckeever creator of 365 Things To Do In Stockton, Ca. Over a month ago, local Realtor David Mckeever created "365 Things To Do In Stockton," a site spotlighting things to do in Stockton for every day of the year. Each day David posts another suggestion of a fun thing to do in town. Look for them on his website and follow them on Twitter, or become a fan on Facebook.

This week's question of the week. What are your suggestions for a cheap (but fun) date in Stockton?

Until next time, make it great Stockton!


17. Slick Diaz - November 19, 2009

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode number 17. Now, featuring co-host Rod Villagomez. In this episode:

A couple of items from the news: tickets are on sale for college hoops, Pacific versus Cal at the Stockton Arena, 209Vibe is back on Twitter, SJ Delta College invited to the Silicon Valley Bowl this Saturday.

Stockton's first Tweetup. On Thursday, November 12, Valley Brew hosted Stockton's first Tweetup. Wes Rhea, Director of the Stockton Conference and Visitors Bureau fearlessly led our Tweetup team. We raffled off some great door prizes, including a custom holiday centerpiece donated by Patt from Elegant Essence and follow her on Twitter. Check out the pics here, the blog here and the Record piece here. For more information on future Stockton Tweetups, visit StocktonTweetup.com and follow us on Twitter.

A new nightclub opens in Downtown Stockton. After some delay, Taste Ultra Lounge officially opens tonight. Visit their website, Twitter and Facebook.

The Wave is upon us. Big thanks to Podcast Stockton alum Andy Pinasco (aka @brewery33), Rod and I, and quite a few others, are part of Google Wave, the next generation. If you're part of the wave, find us there at mjbeckwith@googlewave.com and rjvillagomez@googlewave.com.

Rod's Rants part 2. On Thanksgiving, Rod will be walking at the 5th Annual Run and Walk Against Hunger and broadcasting live video. Follow his progress as he talks with other participants by visiting RodsRants.com.

An interview with local blogger, Slick Diaz from Reclaiming the Title. Visit the RTT blog at reclaimingthetitle.wordpress.com (some adult language). Follow Slick Diaz on Twitter. Believe it or not, he does resemble Robocop.

Wes's Stockton activities guide. Go to VisitStockton.org to sign up for the weekly events e-mail.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!

Stockton Blogger Meet-up

Tonight, The Record hosted a blogger meet-up at Valley Brew, right off the beautiful Miracle Mile. With “We’re bloggers. You’re bloggers. Isn’t it about time we meet face to face?” as the only introduction to the event, I signed up to attend.

For a first-time event there was a good turnout: Tara Cuslidge, Kirk Barron, Ian HillSean PolayDavid SidersBill Ries-KnightWes RheaPatrick GiblinHilary ShepherdJohn Sterni, Record Publisher Roger Coover, and others. Some I had already met while with others, it was an awesome chance to put a face and voice to the blogs and tweets. We had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Coover and Mr. Polay, Product Manager of Distributed Media at Dow Jones, the parent company of The Record, about the future of blogging and social media at The Record. It was refreshing to hear that the paper is taking the local blogger community seriously. We heard about some new things the team at The Record are considering to tap into the draw of local bloggers. Above all, it was a wonderful opportunity to geek out with fellow bloggers and tweeters.

I’m definitely looking forward to the next meet-up! It’s also pretty apparent that we have more than enough of an appetite for a Tweetup... which I’m sure is coming soon.