102. Jenny-Faye Klooster, the Swearing Mom - September 5, 2016

Even though Jenny-Faye Klooster and her family moved from Stockton four years ago, her ties to Stockton run deep. She is a multi-generation Stocktonian now living in Southern California but still considers Stockton her home.

A fixture on the Miracle Mile, Jenny-Faye first worked at, and then eventually owned and operated San Francisco Floral.

Jenny-Faye Klooster

Jenny-Faye Klooster

After moving, Jenny-Faye started a blog, The Swearing Mom's Guide to Life, what she calls, "A menagerie of opinions and ideas of lifestyle and social relevance through the eyes of a potty mouthed Mama". 

Her blog is well-written and full of wonderful food and drink recipes. But its biggest draw is the personal stories and opinion pieces. 

On a recent visit to Stockton, Jenny-Faye sat down with Matt. Before they started the official interview, Jenny-Faye made a drink, one that she had recently featured on her blog, a Hard Cherry Limeade

Jenny-Faye also began releasing videos, showcasing some fun cocktails. Honey Lavender Lemontini, The Ginger Greyhound and Blackberry Bourbon Smash have been very popular. 

Amongst the recipes are some very personal posts, such as The Fattest Girl in the Room and A Villain, a Mom and Two Little Boys.

Follow the blog at swearingmom.com and on Facebook at  facebook.com/theswearingmom.

The music for episode 102 is "Brand New Revolution" by Icarus Jones.