101. Deacon Stephen Bentley - August 21, 2016

Stephen Bentley, a deacon at Saint John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Downtown Stockton recently opened HUB, Helping Urban Bicyclists. A lifelong cyclist and twenty-year resident of Stockton, Stephen has spent years helping the homeless and near homeless members of our community. 

Episode 101 of Podcast Stockton is hosted by Susan Spracher and Rod Villagomez. 

HUB's Deacon Stephen Bentley at a recent Full Moon Riders ride around Downtown Stockton

HUB's Deacon Stephen Bentley at a recent Full Moon Riders ride around Downtown Stockton

Before opening HUB, he would occasionally help people in need by fixing a bike chain or flat tire but he had bigger goals. He set out to open a bike shop downtown that would serve the often forgotten members of our community. 

HUB opened in April and, with the help of volunteers and generous donations from the community, he has been able to provide people in need with bike repairs and, in some cases, their own bikes. 

Stephen talks with Podcast Stockton's Matt Beckwith about why he started HUB and what it means to be able to provide this service to the people of Stockton. 

HUB is always accepting donations of bikes, bike parts and cash. They are located at 131 E. Miner Street, just east of El Dorado Street. It is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 AM to 4 PM and on Wednesdays from 1 PM to 4 PM. Get more information on HUB and read some of the stories about the people they've helped on their Facebook page facebook.com/STOCKTONHUB.

Stephen is also a very talented comic artist and write the daily comic strip, Herb and Jamaal. Matt and Stephen talk about the work involved with hand-drawing and lettering a daily comic strip and if Stephen identifies more with Herb or Jamaal. You can read the daily comic strip at gocomics.com/herbandjamaal.

The music for episode 101 is "Lakeshore Drive (Guitar Jazz Version)" by Stockton based band, Pushers & Thieves. Find them on Facebook and ReverbNation.