20. Broadcasting Sunshine - December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas and welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode number 20. In this episode:

A couple of items from the news: County Jail prisioners head home for Christmas, California Cougars to take part in an Indoor Soccer Triple header in Sacramento, major steel company setting up a new location in Stockton, recall election in the future for a Stockton Unified Trustee, and Stockton fire trucks sporting company logos (originally reported 3/21/09 in the Record).

Will Pirates be invading the Matinee? Andy is at it again, this time, his mission is to bring Pirate of Silicon Valley to Stockton for a night of drinks and geekery. The Record's Ian Hill uses Google Wave to share Stockton News.

Can you help balance the Stockton budget? Rod came across this site put up on Recordnet.com. Do you think you have the skills, and the courage, to balance the city's $159.9 million budget? Try it out! David Siders and Ian Hill did an awesome job with this.

Greg Bahr and other members from the Neighborhood Renaissance Program present at the City Council. Check out the video we posted on YouTube.

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On Sunday, December 27, Rod and I will be on The Guerra Show. We are taking next week off from Podcast Stockton but will be back with episode 21 on December 31.

Voicemail feedback from @Modesto6.

An interview with the production crew from the upcoming film, Broadcasting Sunshine. Mr. William Story and the crew from the Delta College Radio TV department are filming a full length film. Rod sits down with Manny, Fia and Soloman from the production crew. Follow Fia on Twitter @crlyqmagee and check out BroadcastingSunshine.com.

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Until next time, make it great Stockton!