It's Sunday

Good morning and happy Sunday. What are you going to do today to aid in your job search? How about relax? Watch a movie with some friends? Read a book? Bake a cake? Chase ducks?

Job seekers know that looking for a job is a full-time job. And even those with full-time jobs take breaks. Give yourself permission to take "time off" from your search. Re-energize yourself by doing something you enjoy. Don't let your relationships with your friends and family suffer because you are spending every waking moment looking (or stressing about looking for) a job.

The best antidote for guilt from taking time away from the job search is a well thought out plan. Spend a few minutes each Sunday to plan your job search activities for the coming week. Use this time to come up with some goals. How many jobs will you apply for? How many new companies will you identify? How many thank you notes will you mail out?