Eleven Things You Can Take Off Your Resume

Good morning and Happy Monday. Many job-seekers start writing their resume on Monday. Forget, for a moment, that if you want to start a new habit, starting on a Monday is not the best idea (more to come on that later). Today, just be sure you haven't put any of these 11 things on your resume:

  1. Objective - I know your objective, it's to get an interview, and probably a job
  2. Your height and weight - unless you're a model going after a modeling job
  3. Your picture - again, unless you're a model
  4. The year you graduated high school - and for that matter, unless you graduated in the last two years, just take it off altogether
  5. Your hobbies - unless they are professional in nature and relate specifically to the job
  6. "References Provided Upon Request" - of course you'll provide them upon request, you don't need to say so on your resume
  7. Your salary history - save this for the cover letter, and only if requested
  8. Every job you've ever had, ever - your resume is a marketing document, highlighting your experience, not every single job you've ever had
  9. Your typing speed - if the job for which you are applying requires a certain typing speed, add it to your cover letter
  10. Your Twitter handle or Facebook address, unless you're applying for one of those "Social Media Guru" jobs
  11. Objective - yes, this one deserves to be on here twice, don't take up space on your resume to tell me something I don't care about

Have a great week.

Best of luck to you with your resume.

Photo courtesy of ShaneTeee,  Flickr

Photo courtesy of ShaneTeee, Flickr