Your Resume Needs More Numbers

Every job has numbers. That means your resume should have numbers. And based on nearly every resume I have ever seen, your resume should likely have more numbers.

It doesn't matter if you're a grocery store checker, a lawyer, or a public school teacher, if you trade your efforts for money, there are numbers in your job. Put them in your resume.

Go through your accomplishments on your resume and ask yourself questions such as:

  • How much... ?
  • How many... ?
  • By what percentage... ?

What was the actual size of the project you managed? Was it a $75,000 project or a $10MM project?

Did you "increase market share" or did you "increase market share by 15%"?

Did you "increase productivity" or did you "increase production of widgets by 22%, saving $50,000 annually"?

Having more numbers in your resume (and your cover letter and during your interview) can help the hiring manager understand the work you've done and the successes you've had.