Think Twice Before Your Job Search Status Ends Up Online

You may be used to sharing all of your personal and intimate details online. During a job search, this can come back to hurt you. Assume nothing is private. No matter what your privacy settings are, if you put it out there, it is possible that anyone can see it.  Before any interview, I always do an online search of a candidate's name. I also try and find out who we may know in common.

Here are a few tweets I found recently:

hate filling out job apps online sucks. i prefer to fax in a cover letter and resume

I go to bed and wake up wishing that someone would just accept the fact my resume sucks and just hire me already.

Just realized I made a mistake on my resume. F***.

Ugh sending out your resume a million times sucks....

how the f*** do you even make a resume

F*** man... I neeed another job before summer ends ! I pray I get a call back from the places I handed my resume too..

My entire resume consists of three words: Funny, great a**.

All of these tweets from unblocked accounts, some of which are from people who list, what appears to be, their real name. If you are interviewing, recruiters and hiring managers may search for your name online.

While in job search mode, don't put anything online that you wouldn't want to print out and attach to your resume.