Don't Fool Yourself - You Need To Apply For Jobs

Much of the work that can be bundled into "job search busy work" will almost never directly result in you getting a job. Tasks such as writing your resume and cover letter, researching companies, practicing being interviewed, and building your professional network are all very important, but unless you actually apply for jobs, you will probably never get one. It can be easy to get in a rut, especially since by its very nature, a job search has more opportunities to hear "no" than "yes".

And that means that some people will naturally migrate to comfortable tasks that can't result in rejection. And after a while, it can feel like they're doing a lot of work but getting nothing in return. If you're caught up in that, understand that you need to apply for jobs.

For the sake of simplicity, I define "applying" as getting your resume or application in front of someone that can potentially hire you.

One way to help you stay focused is to set daily or weekly goals that include applying for jobs specifically.

How many jobs will you apply to this week?