Looking For A Job During The Holidays

Today was observed as Veterans Day, a time to honor veterans that have served our country. Thank you to all of our veterans. Words cannot adequately thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. We have all of you to thank for our freedom.

Many businesses and most government offices were closed today in observance of today's holiday. Perhaps you were able to take some time today to honor our veterans.

If you're actively looking for another job, hopefully you took advantage of the slower than normal Monday today. Looking for a job, like nearly all sales situations, is partly a numbers game. If there's an opportunity to work (read: applying for jobs, sending out resumes, making introduction calls) when some (if not most) of your competition is taking a day off, you should take it.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching there will be other opportunities to work when others are resting. I'm not suggesting that you give up your holiday time. I am suggesting, however, that you take advantage of the season by finding time to do work a little.

There is a natural slow down in many companies but some still hire during the holiday season. For those that do not, what a perfect time to get your name out there.

Work when many rest. Work harder when many work.

And Happy Veterans Day!