03. Tony Mannor - March 29, 2009

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode number 3. 

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Listener feedback - thanks to Tom, Mike, Larry, Shawna and Cj for leaving comments on the website. We also received two voicemail messages from my brother Mike and his kids.  You, too, can be heard on Podcast Stockton by calling 888-696-1987.

Follow up on the VISTAS program from episode 0.

A review of Maxim's, located at 3409 Brookside Drive and can be reached at (209) 952-3141.

Tony Mannor

Tony Mannor

An interview with Tony Mannor, CEO of Andermahr and Company an advertising and marketing company based out of Stockton. Follow Tony on Twitter and be sure to visit Finnegan's Pub and Exotic Java Coffee.  Learn more about the Red Rhino Orphanage Project here.

Highlights from Mayor Johnston's recent town hall meeting.  Also read The Record's David Siders's blog.

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