24. Trash Bet - January 21, 2010

Welcome to Podcast Stockton, episode 24. In this episode:

First, the news: Jon and Christie Remington from Closetgoodies.com make a donation to the Women's Center. KWIN deejays brave the weather to collect donations for Haiti from the Applebees parking lot.

Oh, the weather. Stockton is hammered with some horrible weather. Follow PG&E on Twitter @PGE4Me

Matt and Andy are talking trash, literally. Friend of the show, Andy Pinasco, has thrown down the gauntlet. Andy is pulling for a NY Jets Superbowl victory. Matt, on the other hand, is certain that the New Orleans Saints will win it all. With such differing views, you know there's a bet! The loser has to pick up garbage at a location picked by the winner, and blog about it. If neither team wins, we will both pick up trash at a location chosen by our listeners. So, the real winner is Stockton. Go Saints!

What will Apple announce next week? Rod and Matt talk about what they, and some of our listeners, think about what Apple might be announcing on January 27. Nearly all rumors point to a Mac tablet and iPhone OS 4.0. Here are some of the stories we referenced:

An interview with Chris the Greek from University of the Pacific's KPAC 91.9 FM. Check out Chris's blog and follow him Twitter @Chris_the_Greek.

What's new on Closetgoodies.com.

Wes's Stockton activities guide. Go to VisitStockton.org to sign up for the weekly events e-mail and follow @Stockton_CVB on Twitter and on Facebook.

Next week, we're talking about the tech news. Where do you get your tech news fix? Magazines, websites, podcasts? We want to know.

Until next time, make it great Stockton!