Meet the voice of Podcast Stockton Sports

For five episodes now, a young man has been bringing you the highlights from the Stockton sports scene on Podcast Stockton. We now realize that we pretty much threw him at you with no ado. Allow us to correct that mistake by formally introducing you to the voice of Stockton Sports....Lowell Tuckerman. Lowell is a product of the bay area and has, as of September of 2009, began to call Stockton his home. He comes to us by way of the Delta College Radio and Television department where he has hosted a sports talk program since his arrival in the spring semester of 2008.

During his tenure as the end-all-be-all of the Delta sports talk scene Lowell has made regular guest of such prominent bay area sports writers as the beat writers for the San Francisco Giants, the Oakland A's, and the Golden State Warriors. He has also played host to Damon Bruce of KNBR fame and even had the opportunity to interview Gary Radnich on his own show. And last but certainly not least he has chatted poker as well as life with ESPN's World Series of Poker analyst Norman Chad.

Lowell Tuckerman is for real folks. You can still find him roaming the airwaves of Delta College's Internet radio station iDPower on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm until 4pm.

Over the course of his stay at Delta, Lowell has earned two certificates in both radio and television while adding an Associates Degree in Communications with a concentration in Radio. He remains at Delta to finish his general education classes on his way to transferring to a four-year University.

According to Lowell he is enjoying his time as a member of the Podcast Stockton crew and is thrilled to be a part of what he calls a "legit operation." He has appreciated the opportunity to work with myself and Matt stating that being on this show has made him "proud of Stockton and proud to be part of the Podcast Stockton team."

Lowell is looking to take his Podcast Stockton experience as well as his time at Delta to move up the ladder of the sports talk world. "I would like to someday be a sports talk show host in a big market like LA, New Orleans or Miami, and while I may be doing radio now, don't get me wrong, I would love to do some television as well."

Please join us in welcoming Lowell Tuckerman to the Podcast Stockton family. We look forward to our continued partnership and appreciate the great things he has done for us thus far.