The 19th Annual Trivia Bee

On Friday evening, Rod and I, along with our friend Fred, participated in the 19th Annual Trivia Bee put on by the Library & Literacy Foundation for San Joaquin County. While this was my third time competing in this event and Fred's second time, it was Rod's first Trivia Bee. This years event, the first to sell-out, was held inside the A.G. Spanos Center at University of the Pacific after many years at the Stockton Memorial Civic Auditorium.

We arrived shortly after noon to claim our tables on the stage and in the audience. The prime spots went first to the teams that were able to set up early. We set up shop on the back row, which was perfect since I was afraid my hat would block someone from being seen by the audience.

After eating a great dinner catered by Angelina's, we went to the top deck for pictures. While we were waiting in line, we met the threesome with the Stockton Rotary team. After a few minutes, we figured out why one them looked familiar: he was one of the men that stands behind the goal at the Stockton Arena and hits the buzzer when there's a score.

The teams took the stage shortly after 7 PM and were introduced one by one. Then, the hard work began. The first question asked what suspense film maker inspired a Lady Gaga song. I don't know much about Lady Gaga but guessed at the right answer: Alfred Hitchcock. Needless to say, we went crazy celebrating the fact we were 1 for 1. Our fans out in the audience (Linda, Dawn and Flower) also cheered us on. The next 29 questions were not as easy. Most of the time, only one of us knew the answer to each question. At the end of round one, we had amassed 17 points. More than half, and one more than the couple of teams in last place!

The second round proved to be much more difficult with more questions about movies and literature. We only answered 9 of 30 correct for a total score of 35. The Friends of the Library team won the competition with a total of 65 points. Our only goal for the night was to not end up in last place. Thankfully we did better than last place.

We got a chance to talk to other Bee goers such as city council members Susan Eggman and Dale Fritchen, Vice Mayor Kathy Miller, Public Information Officer Connie Cochran, Foundation Executive Director Susan Spracher, SBDC Director Gillian Murphy, Record Editors Mike Klocke and Don Blount, Sheriff Steve Moore, Dwight Richards and many more.

The spirit award of the night, however, has to go to the local high school teams. There were teams from a few local area high schools but the teams represented by St. Mary's, Lincoln and Stagg were energetic and excited to be competing. We sat next to the St. Mary's team and had a great time getting to know them. One of the students had learned, as we were in the middle of competition, that he was accepted to UCLA. Fred snuck a note the master of ceremonies and an announcement was made, to thunderous applause. Later, when we asked him if was going to go there, he said, "No, I want to go to Stanford."

Kudos to the Library & Literacy Foundation staff for putting on another fantastic Trivia Bee. Congratulations to the Friends of the Library team for taking home the Bobblehead Bee trophy.

Click here for the pictures we took at the event.

We will be back in 2011.